Living in Japan

Getting Permanent Residence in Japan: New Rules Announced

The Japanese Ministry of Justice has decided that it is going to amend the rules for becoming a permanent resident in Japan to allow foreigners to apply for permanent residence after as little as one year in Japan. These rules... More

Market Trends

Trends in the Tokyo Housing Market 2011 to 2016

By Jeff Wynkoop Five years ago Japan was shocked by the massive Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. The March 11th, 2011 earthquake permeated the economic mood and made average consumers even more reticent to buy a new house. Although previously there... More

Effects of 2017 Tax Policy Changes on Japanese Housing

By: Jeff Wynkoop The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, the current majority party in the Japanese Diet, recently completed its 2017 Guidelines for Amending the Tax System (平成29年度税制改正大綱). Below is a short description of several of the key effects the... More

Airbnb in Japan

Japanese Govt to Go Easy on Airbnb Restrictions: Hotels Lose

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (the “MLIT”) and the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (the “MHLW”) recently decided one of the most important details regarding the new minpaku (民泊 ) law they plan to submit to the... More


Flat 35 Home Mortage Rate Falls for First Time in 3 Months

In November, the “Flat 35” home mortgage rate fell for the first time in three months, as announced by the Japan Housing Financing Agency (JHFA). Flat 35 loans are among the most widely used home mortgage products in Japan. Flat 35... More

Prices and Rents for New Tokyo Condos Up, But Opportunities Remain

By Jeff Wynkoop According to Tokyo Kantei, a real estate research company, both average rents and prices for new condos in Japan continue to exhibit strong growth. Specifically, rents and prices for new condos are up nationally 5.3% and 10.3%... More

AirBnB in Japan

Foreign Visitors to Japan Exceed 20 Million For First Time Ever

By Jeff Wynkoop The Japan Tourism Agency announced yesterday that as of October 30th, 2016, for the first time ever in a calendar year the number of foreign visitors to Japan exceeded the 20,000,000 mark. The increase in Japan tourism... More