Price of a New Apartment in Greater Tokyo Hits a 29-Year High

The average price of a new apartment sold in the greater Tokyo area hit a 29-year high of ¥59,800,000 ($545,000) in 2019. This is according to the Real Estate Economic Institute’s recently released analysis of 2019 sales data for the... More

2020 Important Events in Japan and the Japanese Real Estate Industry

The Tokyo Olympics are not the only big event that will take place this year in Japan. In this post we summarize the key events and dates that will affect the country, the Japanese real estate industry and life in... More

Buying an apartment in a high-rise tower mansion in Japan? Be aware of these potential risks

High-rise residential buildings are a hallmark of the Japanese urban landscape and a popular choice for homebuyers, but there are a number of risks specific to owning a unit in a tower mansion that prospective purchasers should know about. High-rise... More

Japanese Income Tax Loophole Allowing Write-Offs for Overseas Property Investments to be Closed

The government and the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) plan to bring an end to a rule that allows people living in Japan to lower their income tax by investing in overseas real estate. Under the current rule, you can lower... More

Demand Soars for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Village Apartments to be Repurposed as Private Condominiums

It will be months before the 2020 Summer Olympic Games are due to bring intense international focus on Tokyo, but buyers interested in purchasing apartments in the Athletes Village aren’t waiting. HARUMI FLAG The buildings that will be used to... More

Kyoto to require local resident acceptance of new hotels, to tackle “tourist pollution”

The city of Kyoto has announced a policy that will require new hotels and other lodging establishments to receive prior acceptance by local residents in order to operate. The new rules are slated to go into effect after the start... More

Japan to Allow Local Power Companies to Supply Renewable Energy Directly to Homes and Factories

The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) plans to set up a licensing system to allow local companies in Japan to supply renewable energy directly to consumers in selected regions, using their own distribution network. This is a major... More