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J-Alerts Issued: North Korea has Fired a Missile Over Northern Japan

According to the Toyo Keizai Online newspaper, the Japanese government has issued two alerts (J-Alerts) warning that North Korea has fired a missile over northern Japan. The text of the alerts reads as follows: J-Alert: 7:00AM, September 15th “A missile has... More

Market Trends

MLIT LOOK Report: Land Values Continue Steady Growth Outside Tokyo

Land prices rose in 86% of locations surveyed by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) in its Q2 2017 LOOK Report, which surveys land price trends for intensively used commercial and residential land in major cities throughout Japan.... More

Real Estate Law

Expiration of “Productive Green Areas” in 2022: Impact on Commercial Land Prices

By Jeff Wynkoop Have you ever come across a rice paddy wedged in between office buildings in a Japanese city? Most likely you were looking at a “Productive Green Area.” There are over 63,000 of these parcels of land scattered... More

Living in Japan

Buying a Home in Japan: Affordability Survey by Prefecture 2016

Home affordability decreased for the average income earner in Japan last year. This is according to a data recently released by Tokyo Kantei, which shows that the nationwide income multiple (compared to the average price of a home) increased in 2016,... More

Market Trends

Highlights of the 2017 Rosenka Roadside Land Value Survey of Japan

By Jeff Wynkoop The National Tax Agency recently published its 2017 Roadside Land Values (路線価 or rosenka), and the key takeaway is that the national average price for land went up for the second straight year. Last year’s 0.2% growth... More

Market Trends

Condo Prices in Greater Tokyo Approach 1990s Bubble Levels

The average sales price for a condominium released for sale in the greater Tokyo area in the first half of 2017 increased to ¥58.84 million (525,800 USD), up 3.5% year-on-year, and approaching levels last seen at the peak of the... More

Prices for Condos in Japan Hit 11-year High Driven by Foreign Buyers

By Jeff Wynkoop Prices for investment condos continue to rise unabated. According to a leading real estate online site, the average per room price for condos in Japan was 15.5 million JPY in the April-June period, an increase of 3.8%... More