Japan to Allow Local Power Companies to Supply Renewable Energy Directly to Homes and Factories

The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) plans to set up a licensing system to allow local companies in Japan to supply renewable energy directly to consumers in selected regions, using their own distribution network. This is a major... More

10 Incredible Views from Shibuya Scramble Square: Opening Day Photo Tour

Today (November 1, 2019) marks the grand opening of the Shibuya Scramble Square building. The building packs a dizzying array of shops and restaurants, but the pièce de résistance is the awe-inspiring unobstructed view over Tokyo from the rooftop. Observation... More

Number of Foreigners Living in Japan Hits Record High For 7th Year in a Row

The number of foreigners residing in Japan as of the end of June 2019 was 2,282,416, up 3.6% compared to the end of 2018. This is according to data recently released by Immigration Services Agency of Japan. This was a... More

Audit of Earthquake Retrofitting of Large Buildings in Japan Finds Status Unknown or Insufficient for 70%

A recent survey of large buildings in Japan built prior to 1981 has found that the status of earthquake retrofitting for about 70% of buildings surveyed is either unknown or insufficient. This is according to the results of an audit... More

Average Price of a Pre-Owned Apartment in Tokyo Hits a New High

In the first seven months of 2019, the average listing price of a pre-owned apartment in Tokyo hit a new all-time high at ¥50,270,000 ($465,600), a year-on-year increase of 2.5%. This is according to a recent report released by Tokyo... More

Japan Land Prices Grow for 2nd Consecutive Year: Concentrated in Major Cities

The average price of land in Japan climbed 0.4 % year-on-year, the second consecutive year with an uptick. This is according to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)’s Standard Land Price (基準地価, Kijun Chika) survey for 2019,... More

Market Trends

What is the average sales price of a Tokyo apartment? — 2019 Mid-Year Update

The average sales price of a new apartment sold in the greater Tokyo region, as of July 2019 was ¥56,760,000 (about $533,500). The average price per square meter was ¥860,000 (about $8,091), or about $7,790 per square foot.  The greater... More