MUJI Launches Tiny Minimalist Hut: A 9.1-sqm Place to Call Your Own

MUJI, the retailer of sleek household products and consumer goods, has announced plans to sell a tiny pre-fab wood and reinforced concrete hut with interior dimensions of just 9.1-sqm (97.9-sqft), tapping into the growing trend in Japan for tiny, minimalist... More

Market Trends

Sales of Pre-Owned Residential Properties in Tokyo Hit Historic Highs

By Jeff Wynkoop Sales of pre-owned condos and detached houses in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area were up for the second consecutive year in 2016, hitting historic highs. This is according to a recent report (in Japanese) on 2016 real estate market... More

Residential Lending

A Mini-Bubble Brewing in Japan’s Residential Apartment Market

By Jeff Wynkoop There are signs a mini-bubble may be forming in Japan due to the sharp increase in the number of new apartment loans handed out over the last few years. アパートローン(apaato rōn, ‘apartment loans’ also known in English... More

AirBnB in Japan

AirbnB in Japan Close to Full Legalization: Details of Draft Law

By Jeff Wynkoop The Japanese cabinet has just cleared the way for full legalization of Airbnb-style (minpaku, 民泊) private-stay accomodations in Japan. Implementation in 2018 On March 10th, the Japanese Cabinet agreed to the contents of the draft law to... More

Tokyo’s Fastest Growing Areas in 2016 and Why People Are Moving There

For the 20th consecutive year Tokyo had more people living in or moving into the area than leaving. This is according to the results of the Basic Register of Residents (住民基本台帳 juumin kihon daichou) released by Japan’s Ministry of Internal... More

How Foreigners View the Japanese Real Estate Market: Ministry of Land Survey Results

In an effort to boost the Japanese real estate market, Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) has been focusing on increasing market transparency, especially with respect to the participation of non-Japanese in domestic real estate transactions. The... More

Market Trends

Sales of Pre-Owned Condos in Tokyo Top New Condo Sales for First Time

By Jeff Wynkoop In 2016 sales of pre-owned condos exceeded sales of new condos in the Tokyo area for the first time since records on both have been available (from 1996). Sales of pre-owned condos were up on a year-to-year... More