What you can rent for $500 or Less a Month in Japan: No Key Money, No Deposit, No Agency Fee

In this installment of the “what can you rent” series, let’s take a virtual tour around Japan to see what you can rent outside Tokyo for about $500 (¥57,000) or less a month. And, of course, no one likes to... More

Living in a Japanese Apartment

Living in Japan: How to Avoid Getting into A Dispute with Your Landlord Over Your Rental Deposit

Apartment rental deposits are one of the leading causes of landlord-tenant disputes in Japan. The landlord either returns a much lower amount than the tenant expects or does not return the deposit at all, claiming that the entire amount was... More

No Key Money Apartments in Tokyo

No Key Money Apartments – One Stop to Shinjuku Starting from $312 a Month

Key money (reikin) is one of the most peculiar and frustrating aspects of renting an apartment in Japan, but it’s important to know that you can find perfectly suitable apartments without having to pay key money. As we explain in this... More

Renting in Tokyo

No Key Money Apartments in Tokyo for $510 or Much Less a Month

In this installment of the “What can you rent in Tokyo” series, we feature budget apartments within easy commuting distance of major stations in Tokyo like Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Shinagawa. Most of the examples below are all long-term rentals. None... More

How to Live in a Japanese Apartment

When something breaks in your rental apartment in Japan: Who is responsible for fixing it?

In this article, which is part of the series on “how to live in a Japanese apartment,” we discuss what to do when equipment, such as an air conditioning unit or cooking range, breaks. Who should you call to fix... More

Renting in Tokyo

Rent a Tokyo Apartment with No Deposit, No key Money, No Agency Fee for $600 a Month or Less

Contrary to popular belief, low move-in cost (no key money, no agency fee, no deposit) apartments in Tokyo are not impossible to find. In the summer months, especially, agents and landlords sometimes waive some or all of these fees, especially... More

Stigmatized Properties - Jiko Bukken

Renting a Stigmatized Property to Save Money? FAQs on Jiko Bukken in Japan

In this article, we explain what a stigmatized (jiko bukken) property is in Japan and whether you can get a big bargain by renting one. Also, how do you go about renting a jiko bukken? What is a “Jiko Bukken”... More