No Key Money Apartments in Tokyo Are Not Hard to Find

Key money (reikin, 礼金) is often cited as one of the most peculiar and frustrating aspects of renting an apartment in Japan. In this article we explain why it is, in fact, not difficult to find a “no key money”... More


Japan’s Ministry of Land Wants Your Opinion on the Japanese Real Estate Market

Real Estate Japan has been tasked by Japan’s Ministry of Land to conduct the following survey on behalf of the Ministry. The purpose of this survey is to gather information and data on the areas in which non-Japanese may have... More


Top 10 Stations in Tokyo With Lowest Rent 2017

To save money on rent in Tokyo, one of the tips you’ll often hear is to move outside the Yamanote line or even further out, beyond the 23 wards. It’s true that average rent does decrease the further you look outside... More

Budget Rentals

Tokyo Budget Apartments: What You Can Rent for $550 Now

With the yen’s recent sharp depreciation against the dollar, $550 will not go as far as it did just a few months ago, but you can still afford to live in Tokyo, even on a relatively small budget. As we describe in... More

Tokyo’s Smallest Studio Apartments

There is a stereotype of Japan as a nation of workaholics who labor all day, only to come home to tiny, cramped apartments at night. Since we primarily cover the property market on Real Estate Japan, we won’t go into the first... More

Property Management

Common Area Maintenance and Reserve Repair Fees in Japan

In this article, we explain Common Area Maintenance (CAM) fees and repair reserve funds in Japan and how they affect property owners and tenants. Common Area Maintenance (CAM) fees (kyouekihi, 共益費), also known as Management Fees (kanrihi, 管理費) are terms used to describe... More

Tokyo Budget Rentals

What you can rent for $550 now in Tokyo

You can afford to live in Tokyo, even on a relatively small budget. As we detail in this post on the average rent in Tokyo, you will typically pay about ¥97,000 ($970) a month for a studio or one-bedroom apartment... More