Tips for Renting an Apartment or House in Tokyo: Video Guide for Expats by Plaza Homes

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Japanese money and rent

How is Rent Determined in Japan?

Several factors influence the cost of rent in Japan, some more apparent than others. Rent will change depending on location, distance from the train station, size and layout, age of the property and even the role of real estate agents.... More

Things to Remember When Getting an Apartment in Japan

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Relocating to Tokyo: Video Guide by Plaza Homes

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Electricity and gas in Japan: How to sign up online, with full English support

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5 Tips for finding an apartment in Japan that could save you 10% to 20% on rent

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Average rent for an apartment in Japan by Prefecture

The average monthly rent for an apartment in Japan varies widely by location and size of the property, but on average, the rent for a one room studio apartment is about ¥70,000 in a big city and about ¥50,000 nationwide.... More