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No Key Money, No Deposit, No Agency Fee Apartments in Tokyo

In this month’s installment of the “no key money, no deposit, no agency fee apartment” series, we feature mid-range apartments in popular locations around Tokyo from Shinjuku to Asakusa. In Japan, agents consider the next few months, from around mid-October... More

What can you rent for $550 in Tokyo this month?

In this month’s installment in the “What can you rent in Tokyo” series, we feature properties that can be yours for a total monthly cost of $550 (¥62,000) or less. This rent level is several hundred dollars less than the... More

Testimonial on Affordable Moving in Tokyo

Moving in Japan Made Easy With the GaijinPot Moving Service

Moving in Japan can be costly and stressful. We started the GaijinPot Moving Service to make it easy. The GaijinPot Moving Service is a concierge moving service for foreigners in Japan. We will help you find a moving company Handle... More

GaijinPot Housing Service

Move in by October 31, 2017 and Get One Month’s Free Rent

Renting an apartment in Japan can be stressful. The GaijinPot Housing Service is designed to make it easy! When you rent your apartment through the GaijinPot Housing Service: Choose from 2,000+ properties. Properties pre-approved by landlords to be rented to... More

Living in Tokyo

Top 5 Trending Neighborhoods in Tokyo This Month

Tokyo is a big city, and everyone is always on the move. People are always moving, too. From one apartment to another, that is! Below are the top five trending neighborhoods this month for people searching for housing on Real... More

Studio apartment for rent Yoga Tokyo No Key Money

Affordable Living in Tokyo

No Deposit, No Key Money, No Agency Fee Apartments in Tokyo

To lower your expenses when moving into an apartment in Japan, look for properties that don’t require a deposit, key money, or agency fee. More and more agents and landlords are waiving some or all of these fees, especially when... More

Living in Japan

What would foreigners change about their home in Japan? Survey Results

In this article, we take a look at how satisfied people (specifically foreigners!) are with their housing situation in Japan and what in particular they would like to change about their current home. The key takeaway from the data we’ll... More