Electricity and gas in Japan: How to sign up online, with full English support

One of the first things you’ll need to do after moving into a new apartment is to make sure that the utilities are ready to go.  If you’ve been living in Japan for a while, of course, you’ve already gone... More

5 Tips for finding an apartment in Japan that could save you 10% to 20% on rent

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Average rent for an apartment in Japan by Prefecture

The average monthly rent for an apartment in Japan varies widely by location and size of the property, but on average, the rent for a one room studio apartment is about ¥70,000 in a big city and about ¥50,000 nationwide.... More

What is Key Money in Japan and 3 Ways to Avoid Paying It

Key money, called reikin (礼金) in Japanese, is a payment that you make to the landlord as part of your move-in fees. It will not be returned to you when you vacate your apartment. It is often explained as a cultural... More

Short-Term Apartments for Quarantine In Japan

Japan started easing border controls on March 1st, but returnees and foreigners coming from some countries are still required to do quarantine stays of varying periods, from three to seven days. Below we feature examples of apartments available to rent... More

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What is the average rent in Nagoya?

The average rent in the city of Nagoya is ¥78,886 ($686 USD at 1USD = 115JPY), but average rent varies widely by the size and location of the property, among many other factors. 1R 1K or 1DK 1LDK or 2K... More