5 Convenient Neighborhoods for Getting to Akamonkai Japanese Language School in Nippori

One of the best ways to improve your Japanese language abilities is to dive head first in complete immersion. Japanese language schools in Tokyo provide learners with great opportunities to make leaps and bounds in their language learning journey. From personal experience, I wouldn’t be anywhere near as comfortable with my Japanese language skills if I hadn’t enrolled at a Japanese language school!

For the sake of today’s apartment hunting exercise, let’s assume we’re going to attend Akamonkai Japanese Language School in Nippori! Nippori Station is located along a variety of train lines (Yamanote Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line, Nippori-Toneri Liner, Joban Line, and Keisei Line) which means you can get to the school from a variety of neighborhoods – great for giving you more choice!

Akamonkai Japanese Language School:

  • Great support for continuing to higher education
  • Learning is fast-paced and intensive
  • Strict teachers demand a lot from students
  • 24/7 library and study room
  • EJU (University Entrance Exam) prep classes offered

If you’re serious about building a solid language foundation for your future in Japan, Akamonkai is a school you should really consider. They offer University Prep courses, Business Prep courses, Short-Term (3-month) courses, and even Internship/Job Support classes. Since the studying is pretty intense, it’s a good idea to try to find accommodations close by to minimize the time spent taking public transportation and maximize time for studying! Head over to the GaijinPot Study website for info on other Japanese language schools as well!

It doesn’t make sense for us to introduce huge 2LDK or larger apartments in an article talking about student housing, so we will focus on 1R and 1K units in an affordable range (around ¥60,000/mo).

One nice thing about this area is that the northern half of the Yamanote Line is actually relatively cheaper to live on compared to the southern half (Average Rent in Tokyo – The Least Expensive Stations on the Yamanote Line – 2019). Meaning that this should prove to be a bit easier on the wallet – great news for those on a student budget!


Often overshadowed by nearby major hubs like Nippori and Ueno, the Iriya neighborhood is a fantastic example of traditional Tokyo tucked away from the bright lights and crowds normally associated with more central Tokyo locations. For the value-minded apartment hunter, this area can prove to be a great balance between access to downtown Tokyo and more affordable rent (in general).


Since Nippori Station can be accessed by a variety of train lines, it’s possible to find a lot of neighborhoods with a direct commute. That means you can open up your search to areas in Saitama without having to make multiple transfers – great for your wallet and helps save you time as well! Here’s an example of a room in a share house in Warabi City, Saitama. The share house has multiple types of rooms and you can even find cheaper accommodations with a roommate or in the dorm-style rooms! Click the picture below to get to the listing, and send an inquiry to the agent to find out about room availability!


Here’s another neighborhood that lies outside of Tokyo where you can take advantage of lower average rent and still have a direct transportation connection to Nippori! Matsudo City in Chiba covers quite a bit of area, so today we’re only really talking about the neighborhoods around Matsudo Station. That’s where you’ll find PLARE Matsudo and Atre Matsudo shopping malls for a variety of nearby shopping/dining options without having to make the trek into Tokyo. Another bonus is having the Edo River in walking distance. Enjoy walking/jogging/cycling along the riverside for a break from the city!


Why deal with the fuss of a train/bus commute when you can just walk to work/school? Although some prefer to have some distance between home and work/school, there’s so much to see and do in Tokyo that with the extra time you have from getting rid of your commute, you’ll be able to explore the rest of Tokyo at your leisure!


Photo: Scott Kouchi

You might not have heard of this neighborhood unless you are familiar with the northern parts of Tokyo. Yazaike Station is located on the Nippori-Toneri Liner service, which isn’t a particularly popular line since it usually means having to take multiple transfers to get to your end destination. But, if your end destination is Nippori then you’re in luck! This residential neighborhood is a great spot for those who want to be near the city, but not in the city.

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