Commute to Omiya in 30 Minutes: This Week’s Featured Five Apartments

This is Part 2 of our look at Tokyo’s neighbor to the north: Saitama! We already checked out some options for those looking for apartments to commute to Tokyo (Work in Tokyo, Live in Saitama); but what about those who want to live and work in Saitama? Fear not, here’s our continuing series to help give you the scoop on what’s out there!

Saitama Prefecture is a pretty big place, so we’re going to start by focusing on major stations. Today we’re going to look at a few neighborhoods and apartments that you can rent if you’re commuting to Omiya!

Omiya, Saitama

Omiya is a major transportation hub in Saitama, there are tons of ways to get to this station. This gives you multiple options in your apartment search, but can also seem like too many options at the same time.

While it might be easy to just say “I want to live within 30 minutes of Omiya” these 30-minutes can put you in different neighborhoods with different nearby features and facilities, so it’s a good idea to do a little reading into your options. For example, you can be on the Saikyo line for direct access to Tokyo, find an apartment on the Kawagoe line to be between Kawagoe and Omiya, or head out east towards Kasukabe to be on the Tobu Skytree line.

Area (Station) Average rent for 1R/1K Average rent for 1LDK Commute time to Omiya
Omiya ¥73,400 ¥116,600
Yono Honmachi ¥62,800 ¥81,800 6 min
Yagisaki ¥41,600 ¥47,900 21 min
Konosu ¥39,400 ¥56,600 25 min
Sashiogi ¥51,200 ¥71,500 13 min
Hasuda ¥52,500 ¥58,700 10 min

1K apartment near Yono Honmachi Station – ¥54,000/month

  • Very low move-in costs for this unit that is just a stone’s throw away from Omiya. Take advantage of the great value with no key money, no deposit, and no agency fee. The increase in transportation access with two lines (Saikyo and Keihin-Tohoku) is a nice benefit, since you’ll be able to directly head to Omiya, Saitama Shintoshin (Saitama Super Arena), Ikebukuro, Nippori, and even Tokyo Station from here.
  • Price: ¥54,000/month – NO KEY MONEY/NO DEPOSIT
  • Year built: 1991
  • Size: 20.52 m²
  • Separate toilet/bathroom: No
  • 2nd floor or higher: No
  • Closest station: 5 min to Yono Honmachi Station (Saikyo line), 8 min to Yono Station (Keihin-Tohoku line)
  • Closest major hub: 6 min to Omiya
  • Browse more listings near Yono Honmachi Station

1K apartment near Yagisaki Station – ¥48,050/month

  • Yagisaki Station is located on the Tobu Urban Park line, just 1 stop away from the much larger Kasukabe Station. This is a very convenient option for keeping monthly rent low, while still being able to enjoy a variety of shopping and dining nearby. LaLa Garden Kasukabe and Mitsukoshi Kasukabe are shopping malls packed with stores and restaurants. This apartment is furnished, which is a huge help for first-time renters in Japan. No need to worry about buying, moving, or selling appliances!
  • Price: ¥48,050/month – NO KEY MONEY/NO DEPOSIT + Furnished
  • Year built: 2007
  • Size: 20.81 m²
  • Separate toilet/bathroom: Yes
  • 2nd floor or higher: Yes (2nd)
  • Closest station: 16 min to Yagisaki Station (Tobu Urban Park line)
  • Closest major hub: 21 min to Omiya
  • Browse more listings near Yagisaki Station

1K apartment near Konosu Station – ¥42,050/month

  • Similar to the previous apartment in this lineup, this furnished 1K apartment is a very appealing option for those just arriving to live in Japan. A bonus for living near Konosu Station is the Konosu Cinema and Elumi Konosu shopping mall near the station. The Arakawa River also extends this far north, and is within walking distance from the station as well. It’s a bit of a trek, but it is also possible to utilize this location to get to Takasaki, Gunma (1 hour via the Takasaki line).
  • Price: ¥42,050/month – NO KEY MONEY/NO DEPOSIT + Furnished
  • Year built: 2004
  • Size: 20.37 m²
  • Separate toilet/bathroom: Yes
  • 2nd floor or higher: Yes (2nd)
  • Closest station: 7 min to Konosu Station (Takasaki line)
  • Closest major hub: 25 min to Omiya
  • Browse more listings near Konosu Station

1K apartment near Sashiogi Station – ¥49,000/month

  • Sashiogi Station is found on the Kawagoe line, an extension of the Saikyo line that runs between Kawagoe Station and Omiya Station. This is very helpful for those finding that they are spending their time in both these locations. The area surrounding the Arakawa River near this neighborhood is primarily used for golf courses; so if golf is a hobby of yours this might be a surprisingly fitting area to look into. If you’re looking for just open green space (and no golfing), then the nearby 2nd anti-flood pond of Takinuma River provides open space great for walks and picnics.
  • Price: ¥42,050/month – NO KEY MONEY/NO DEPOSIT
  • Year built: 2007
  • Size: 25.00 m²
  • Separate toilet/bathroom: Yes
  • 2nd floor or higher: No
  • Closest station: 3 min to Sashiogi Station (Kawagoe line)
  • Closest major hub: 13 min to Omiya
  • Browse more listings near Sashiogi Station

1LDK apartment near Hasuda Station – ¥85,952/month

  • The odd apartment out in this lineup, this brand new (built in 2020) 1LDK apartment is almost twice the monthly rent of some of the other apartments in this lineup. But, we want to show that whatever it is you’re looking for, you can find it if you dial in your search criteria. This spacious apartment should prove to be very comfortable and livable, it might even be a good consideration for a couple looking to move in together!
  • Price: ¥85,952/month – NO KEY MONEY/NO DEPOSIT
  • Year built: 2020
  • Size: 49.89 m²
  • Separate toilet/bathroom: Yes
  • 2nd floor or higher: No
  • Closest station: 9 min to Hasuda Station (Utsunomiya line)
  • Closest major hub: 10 min to Omiya
  • Browse more listings near Hasuda Station

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