Ebisu Tops List of Best Neighborhoods to Live in Tokyo

In SUUMO’s recently released 2016 survey, Tokyo locals ranked Ebisu as the neighborhood that they would most want to live in, taking the crown from the perennial favorite, Kichijoji. The headquarters of many international companies and embassies are also located nearby, which also makes the Ebisu neighborhood popular among ex-pats. The atmosphere here is high-end but friendly and relaxed.

Here is our guide to living in Ebisu. Please scroll to the bottom of the article for the average rent levels in Ebisu.

Ebisu Guide

The Ebisu neighborhood hits the trifecta of central location, easy access to public transport, and desirable amenities.

Ebisu is located in Shibuya ward, south of Shibuya and north of Meguro and near the fashionable Daikanyama and Hiroo neighborhoods.

Ebisu Central Square illuminated for Christmas. Photo: Bi-Yu Wu via Flickr
Ebisu Central Square illuminated at Christmas. Photo: Bi-Yu Wu via Flickr

It is served by Ebisu station on the JR Yamanote Line and the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line. Both lines give you excellent access to anywhere in Tokyo.

The Ebisu neighborhood was developed on the site of a former brewery, Ebisu beer, which gave the area its name. The main reason for its popularity as a both a residential and leisure hub is Yebisu Garden Place. Yebisu Garden Place is one of Tokyo’s most pleasant dining, shopping, residential and working mini-cities since it opened in 1994. “Ebisu” is synonymous with “restaurants and izakaya” (Japanese-style pub) in Tokyo.

Yebisu Garden Place

Yebisu Garden Place is a mixed-used residential, office and leisure and dining complex which anchors the Ebisu neighborhood. It consists of mid-rise and high-rise residential and office buildings, a large variety of Japanese and international restaurants (including a three-star Michelin restaurant) and shopping complexes, including a Mitsukoshi department store.

Ebisu Garden Place. Photo: Guilhem Vellut via Flickr
Ebisu Garden Place. Photo: Guilhem Vellut via Flickr

High-end apartments for Rent in Ebisu

There are a number of high-end condominium developments in Ebisu (but as discussed below, you can also find budget and mid-range rentals in Ebisu). Upscale residential options include:

  • Ebisu Garden Terrace Ichiban-Kan is a 32-story luxury tower condominium building directly connected to the station by a Sky Walk (a moving walkway).  Rent for a (55-sqm/592-sqft) one-bedroom apartment in this building is about 290,000 yen ($2,500) a month and tends to increase with the floor number.
Ebisu Garden Terrace Ichiban-Kan.
Ebisu Garden Terrace Ichiban-Kan.
  • Grand Maison Ebisu no Mori is a 23-story luxury condo building just a 3-minute walk from Ebisu station (and 13-minute walk from Hiroo) developed by Sekisui. The building is surrounded by greenery, adding to the quiet and upscale atmosphere. Rent for a 121-sqm/1300-sqft 2-bedroom apartment in this building is about 650,000 yen ($5,700) a month.
  • Park Axis Ebisu is a nine-story high-end condo building located in a quiet neighborhood near Ebisu Garden Place. As with all buildings in the “Park Axis” series of buildings developed by Mitsui Fudosan, the Park Axis Ebisu boasts high-end building materials and amenities. One-bedroom apartments rent for between 320,000 yen and 400,000 yen depending on the floor size. Rent for two-bedroom apartments start at around 460,000 yen a month.
Park Axis Ebisu
Park Axis Ebisu
  • Park Habio Ebisu is a fourteen-story high-end condo located about 3 minutes from Ebisu station. The luxury “Park Habio” series was developed and is managed by Mistubishi Estate. A one-bedroom (47-sqm) apartment in this building rents for about 280,000 yen a month.
  • KDX Residence Ebisu is a new eight-story condominium building (completed in October 2015) located just three minutes from Ebisu station. This building is geared towards single yuppies. Free internet is included in the rent and many of the units feature walk-in closets. The overall feel of the building is chic and elegant. Rent for one-bedroom units in this building starts at about 240,000 yen a month.
KDX Residence Ebisu one-bedroom unit interior.
KDX Residence Ebisu one-bedroom unit interior.

Average Rent in Ebisu

The average rent level in Ebisu reflects the desirability of this neighborhood. The following is the average monthly rent for the Ebisu neighborhood (data is from Home’s) as of March 2016.

  • Studio to 1-Bedroom (1R, 1K, 1DK): 126,700 yen ($1,114)
  • 1-Bedroom to 2-Bedroom (1LDK, 2K, 2DK): 224,100 yen ($1,970)
  • 2-Bedroom to 3-Bedroom (2LDK, 3K, 3DK): 311,700 yen ($2,740)
  • 3-Bedroom to 4-Bedroom (3LDK, 4K, 4DK): 406,700 yen ($3,580)

But you can certainly find budget and mid-range rental accommodations in Ebisu for much less than these average rent levels.

Budget and Mid-Range Apartments for Rent in Ebisu

Houses for Rent in Ebisu

  • Ebisu is not all about condominium living. There are also single-family residences available for rent in the area. Search for houses for rent in Ebisu here.

Houses for Sale in Ebisu

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