Word of the Day - January 17, 2019

Genjyou Kaifuku – 原状回復 – Real Estate Japan’s Word of the Day

Genjyou Kaifuku


  • English definition: Restoration to original condition
  • In Japan, this is the basic standard that landlords hold properties to when a tenant vacates a property.
  • By law, the lessee (tenant) is financially responsible for restoring the property to the condition it was in prior to any use where there was:
    • Willfully negligent use of the property or
    • Imprudent actions leading to damage,
    • Except for wear and tear beyond normal daily use.
  • As a tenant, you are not responsible for wear and tear that resulted from normal, prudent use of the property. “Restoration to original condition” does not mean that you are responsible for “restoring the property to brand new condition”.
  • The landlord is financially responsible for normal wear and tear; the “fee” for wear and tear is considered to be folded into your monthly rent.
  • For an in depth explanation of this concept and examples of what counts as “normal wear and tear” please see this article: How to avoid getting into a dispute with your rental deposit

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