Looking for a stylish share house with an easy commute to Shinjuku?

Renting an apartment in Tokyo can be fraught with roadblocks.

Most real estate agents in Japan do not speak English. And even if you do speak the language, there are the peculiarities of the Japanese real estate market, including standard two-year lease terms. You may not want to commit to such a long lease term if you’re just getting settled in country. There may also be key money to consider (which is basically a non-refundable gratuity that some landlords require upfront)! To rent a long-term apartment in Japan, you will also need a guarantor or a guarantor company as part of your application.

Add this to the apartment hunting process itself: what do the different apartment layout terms mean? Do you need an auto lock? How important is location and does it really matter what train line you live on?

But finding the right apartment and signing the lease are just the first steps in settling in. If you’re moving into a long-term apartment, you will also need to get your utilities turned on, set up home internet, and buy furniture and major appliances (since most apartments in Japan do not come standard with a fridge or washing machine).

Today we’d like to recommend an alternative to a traditional apartment that will allow you to settle into Tokyo as quickly, comfortably and stylishly as possible.


KAKIMKITA HOUSE is a stylish new (2019) share house that offers everything you may be looking for in a Tokyo share house: a stylish, quiet room that’s within easy commuting distance to Shinjuku.

KAMIKITA HOUSE, built in 2019, is located near Kami Kitazawa Station on the Keio line. Image: UNINEST GK

Excellent location

KAMIKITA HOUSE is located about a 5-minute walk from Kami Kitazawa Station on the Keio line, about a 20-minute direct ride to Shinjuku. This means you will be a short train ride from one of Tokyo’s main commuter, shopping, and entertainment hubs.

It’s about a 20-minute direct ride from Kami Kitazawa Station to Shinjuku. Image: Google Maps

Convenient neighborhood

Right in the neighborhood you’ll find two convenience stores (Family Mart, 1 min-walk and 7-Eleven, 7-min walk), two supermarkets (My Basket, 5-min-walk and Summit 5-min walk) and a public park (Suginami Kuritsu Kihana).

KAMIKITA HOUSE is a 5-min walk from Kita Kitazawa Station and a 10-min walk from Sakurajosui Station on the Keio line. Image: Google Maps

Almost everything is included in the rent – Low move-in costs, no hidden fees, no guarantor required

One of the more stressful things about moving into a long-term apartment in Japan is paying upfront costs, which can add up to between three and six months rent. With a share house, generally, your upfront costs will be much lower.

In the case of KAMIKITA HOUSE, to move in, you just need to pay the first month’s rent plus a ¥20,000 ($191) registration fee.

You don’t have to pay a deposit, key money, agency fee; nor do you need a guarantor.

Another great feature of KAMIKITA HOUSE is that almost everything is included in the rent, which is not always the case with share houses.

What’s included in your monthly rent? All utilities, WiFi, common facility fees, furniture, and appliances.

Modern, stylish decor

As an (almost) brand new property, which was built in 2019, KAMIKITA HOUSE welcomes residents with a modern, stylish ambience.

Example of a private room in KAMIKITA HOUSE. Your room will include all furniture, ensuite toilet and shower, A/C and a mini-fridge. Image: UNINEST GK


KAMIKITA HOUSE offers a super spacious common-area kitchen with modern appliances. Image: UNINEST GK


Common area space in KAMIKITA HOUSE. Image: UNINEST GK

Spacious workspace available by appointment

Another great feature of KAMIKITA HOUSE is common area workspace, which is available for use from 10AM to 5PM, by appointment. This is a terrific value-added feature to have for doing business or meeting with colleagues or clients.

Common area work space, KAMIKITA HOUSE. Image: UNINEST GK

Common area work space, KAMIKITA HOUSE. Image: UNINEST GK

Privacy when you need it and interaction with your housemates when you want

The spacious, well-appointed private and common areas of KAMIKITA HOUSE enable you to have private space when you need it, but also plentiful social interaction if you want.

And this is where staying in a share house can really ease your transition to living in Tokyo. It’s nice to be able to have housemates to talk to you, if you want!

Book a room at KAMIKITA HOUSE

To learn more about KAMIKITA HOUSE and to reserve a room, please see the full property listing here: KAMIKITA HOUSE. After clicking through you can inquire about a room view, booking a room, or for more information by filling out the inquiry from on the page.

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