Looking for More Room to Work From Home in Tokyo? This Week’s Top 5 WFH Properties

If you’re looking for more room to work from home or simply want to move into a bigger apartment, today’s feature is for you!

In this post, we have selected five of the best properties in the Tokyo area that offer excellent value in terms of space and amenities, that are available NOW to rent.

Real Estate Japan’s partner agents list a huge variety of properties. This week’s selections include:

  • A whole 2-bedroom house within walking distance of Ueno
  • 2LDK apartment with a private yard in the Asagaya neighborhood (“Home of jazz” in Tokyo!)
  • A 57-sqm (613-sqft) 3DK apartment in the Tokyo western suburbs for ¥55,000 ($536) a month!
    • This agent is also currently running a FREE rent campaign!
  • A 4LDK apartment in Edogawa ward with a view of Tokyo SkyTree
  • A 3LDK apartment in Tokyo western suburban city of Kodaira

Please check out the selections below! If you are interested in any of these properties, click on the links below to visit the property’s detail page and fill out the inquiry form to contact the agent.

2LDK Whole House in Tabata – Fully furnished — Can accommodate up to 6 people

This is a Doraemon-themed whole house with 65-sqm of living space, divided into a living room/dining/kitchen area and two bedroom, each of which can accommodate up to three people.

Where: 5-min walk from Tabata Station on the JR Yamanote line. Tabata station is convenient for accessing many major stations in Tokyo. For example: 4-min direct to Ueno, 7-min direct to Akihabara, 17-min to Ginza, 15-min to Asakusa, and 20-min direct to Shinjuku. From Tabata it is also a short walk to the huge park, zoo, shrine, “mini-Korea Town” and many museums in Ueno!

There is a Lawson convenience store, 2-min walk from the house. Property management company staff speaks English, so please don’t hesitate to contact them with any questions!

Property Highlights:

  • For rent is a whole 2-story house
  • Accommodates up to six people
  • Suitable for short-term or long-term rental
  • All furniture and electrical appliances are brand new
    • Includes hairdryer, refrigerator, microwave, washer and dryer, and WiFi
  • No key money, no agency fee, no guarantor fee
  • Please see the Property Detail Page for the Total Monthly Cost

2LDK in Asagaya – “Home of Jazz in Tokyo” – With a Private Garden!

Where: 2-min walk from Minami Asagaya Station on the Marunouchi Line, 22-min walk to Koenji Station (or 11-min ride)

Here’s what the listing agent says about the neighborhood! “Asagaya is a neighbourhood of Suginami Ward, which is only 12 minutes from Shinjuku on the JR Chuo Line. The Pearl Center shopping arcade hosts one of the largest Tanabata festivals in Tokyo in early July each year. While neighbouring Koenji is known as the cradle of punk in Japan, Asagaya is known as the home of Jazz with the Asagaya Jazz Streets Festival held during the last weekend of October. Despite the bustling area surrounding the station, the backstreets are surprisingly peaceful and largely residential making it an ideal neighbourhood for those seeking a good night’s sleep, but still want to be close to major bustling areas such as Koenji, Nakano and of course Shinjuku.”

This is the “LDK” (Living, Dining, Kitchen) open room. There are also two bedrooms, each with a closet. Please click on the photo for more info on this listing.

Apartment Highlights

  • Spacious 55.20 m² (592-sqft) 2LDK (2 bedrooms)
  • First floor unit with a small private garden
  • Plenty of space, even for a couple
  • Location, location, location (as described above!)
  • No key money, no agency fee, no guarantor fee
  • Sunny, south-facing unit
  • Short term stay is possible!
  • Please see the property detail page for the Total Monthly Cost

Floor Plan:

2LDK apartment for rent in Asagaya with a private yard. Please click on the photo to see the full listing on the property detail page!

3DK Apartment in Akiruno-shi — Spacious 57-sqm apartment for ¥55,000 ($536) per month

Where: 9-min walk from Higashi Akiru Station on the JR Itsukaichi line in the western Tokyo city of Akirunoshi. About 1-hour commute to Shinjuku Station.

Apartment Highlights:

  • Huge amount of space (57.96 m²)
  • Outside of the big city, close to nature, not far from Tama River
  • This agent is currently a FREE rent campaign. Please see the property detail page for details!
  • No deposit, no key money, no agency fee, no guarantor fee!


4LDK Apartment near Hirai Station – 89.40 m² (962-sqft) of living space!

Where: 10-min walk from Hirai Station on the JR Chuo-Sobu line in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo, about a 20-minute commute to Tokyo Station.

Apartment Highlights:

  • Great location in Edogawa Ward, near the Arakawa, and with a view of the Tokyo SkyTree!
  • Close to shopping at Tokyo Skytree Town
  • Sunny, southwest-facing unit
  • 4-bedrooms (Japanese-style tatami rooms)!
  • No key money
  • Please see the Property Detail Page for the Total Monthly Cost

Floor Plan

3LDK apartment near Hana-Koganei Station — 65.96 m² (709-sqft) of living space

Where: 9-min walk from Hana-Koganei Station on the Seibu Shinjuku line in the western Tokyo city of Kodaira, about a 30-min direct ride to Seibu Shinjuku Station.

Apartment Highlights:

  • 2 Western-style bedrooms, 1 Japanese-style (tatami) bedroom
  • System kitchen
  • Plenty of closet space
  • No deposit, no key money
  • Please see the property detail page for the Total Monthly Cost

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