Testimonial on Affordable Moving in Tokyo

Moving in Japan Made Easy With the GaijinPot Moving Service

Moving in Japan can be costly and stressful. We started the GaijinPot Moving Service to make it easy.

The GaijinPot Moving Service is a concierge moving service for foreigners in Japan.

  • We will help you find a moving company
  • Handle all the arrangements and communication with the movers
  • All in English
  • Reasonably priced

Moving fees start from just ¥27,750 (excluding tax).

We asked a recent GaijinPot Moving Service user, Govinda Sharma, about his experience using the service.

Q1. How did you find out about the GaijinPot Moving Service?

GaijinPot is one of the first places I check when I want to learn how to do something in Japan because it has information suitable for foreigners in Japan and real life experiences of other foreigners here.

Govinda Sharma, a recent GaijinPot Moving Service client, tells us why he would recommend the service. Photo courtesy of Govinda Sharma

So, when I was planning to move to my new apartment, I checked Gaijinpot.com to find out how other foreigners have dealt with it. To my nice surprise, Gaijinpot.com itself was offering the service. There was a short form which took about two minutes to fill in. So, I went ahead and filled it in. Everything went smoothly after that.

Q2. Could you tell us a little about the apartment you were living in before you moved and what kind of furniture and belongings you needed to be moved?

I lived in a 1K apartment, but I had bought a huge and beautiful wooden closet for clothes and another metal closet for storing documents and my wife’s cosmetics. I needed them because that apartment didn’t have built-in closets. I also had a washing machine, a refrigerator, and a microwave. That closet couldn’t go through the stairs, so it was passed down from the balcony, and without a scratch.

We will arrange for a truck that is the right size for your move. Photo courtesy of Govinda Sharma

Q3. Could you describe how the actual move went? What happened on the actual day of the move?

Shimizu-san from the GaijinPot Moving Service called me that morning and told me that the service men would be arriving at the scheduled time. The service men rang exactly on time. Shimizu-san called me again and mediated my conversation with the moving staff in English.

They had brought with them a moving truck big enough for the items I previously mentioned to them [via the GaijinPot Moving Service].

I was still packing my things, and they started loading the packed things right away. They dismantled the wooden closet, wrapped it with a protective cloth and swiftly passed it down from the balcony. They even helped me pack the remaining things.

We will arrange for a truck that is the right size for your move. Photo courtesy of Govinda Sharma

Our movers are friendly, professional, and on-time. Photo courtesy of Govinda Sharma

Then they drove the truck to the new apartment and were waiting for me when I arrived there. They brought all the packed things with the same efficiency and care into the rooms I asked.

They were friendly, calm, confident and kind the whole time. I had scheduled my whole day for moving, but they finished in just one-and-a-half hours (driving distance between the two apartments was about 20 min). My day was saved!

Q4. How would you rate the service provided by the movers? Did you feel that they handled your belongings with care?

In fact, I am impressed with their service, and their caring attitude towards my things showed their professionalism. They were best at what they were doing.

GaijinPot Moving Service workers at work! Photo courtesy of Govinda Sharma

Q5. How would you rate the quality of the English phone support on the day of the move?

Phone support made things very easy and casual.

The service men didn’t speak English. However, we got calls at regular intervals from Shimizu-san, who was fluent in both Japanese and English, asking whether everything was going fine. He mediated our communication with the servicemen remotely.

We also had Shimizu-san’s number, and could call him directly anytime we required assistance. On moving day, we got phone calls informing us that the servicemen would be coming, after they came, during the loading of things into the truck and unloading into the second apartment, and finally, when they finished.

We felt that Shimizu-san was watching out for us throughout the procedure.

Q6. Would you recommend the GaijinPot Moving Service to a friend and why?

I would like to recommend this service, for the following reasons :

First and foremost, GaijinPot offers this service in English.

Second, the service was really swift. After I contacted them via the form, I got a call, and I gave the details of the big-sized things, the date was fixed, and I moved.

Signing the paperwork to complete the move! Photo courtesy of Govinda Sharma

The third reason is their punctual, humble and kind service men. I was really impressed with their caring attitude for the things. Things were handled very carefully, I haven’t noticed even a single mark or scratch on any of my things. Further, I moved from the second floor of a building to 5th floor of the another building, both of which didn’t have elevators, which makes this moving job greatly challenging by itself, which is the reason I couldn’t help being amazed at their professionalism.

GaijinPot Moving Service

For more information about the GaijinPot Moving Service, please visit this page and fill in the short inquiry form to get a quote.