Renting in Tokyo

No Key Money Apartments in Tokyo for $510 or Much Less a Month

In this installment of the “What can you rent in Tokyo” series, we feature budget apartments within easy commuting distance of major stations in Tokyo like Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Shinagawa.

Most of the examples below are all long-term rentals. None of them require key money and some of them don’t even require a deposit. When budgeting for move-in costs, always remember to account for the deposit, agency fee, and sometimes key money.

In Tokyo, Real Estate Japan currently lists over 1,200 apartments with a total monthly cost of ¥60,000 ($530) or less. You can see the list here: Tokyo budget apartments.

If you are looking for a short-term rental, please see: Tokyo short-term rentals

Useful Vocabulary

If you are going to a bricks-and-mortar agency, here is some vocabulary that may help you in your search.

No deposit: shikikin-nashi (敷金なし) or shikikin-zero 敷金ゼロ

No key moneyreikin-nashi (礼金なし) or shikikin-zero (礼金ゼロ)

Intermediary (Agency)chūkai (仲介)

Feetesūryō (手数料)

No agency feechūkai tesūryō-nashi

Propertybukken (物件)

I’m looking for a “no key money” property:

Reikin-nashi no bukken wo sagashite imasu. (礼金なしの物件を探しています。)

But why go to a bricks-and-mortar agency when you can just scroll! So let’s take a look at some examples.

Small Studio Apartment in Nakano, 1 Stop from Shinjuku


Where: About an 18-min walk from Nakano Station on the JR Chuo Rapid line.

Nakano Station

Nakano station is a centrally located station, just 4 minutes from Shinjuku on the Chuo Main line.

Nakano is probably most well-known for being home to Nakano Broadway, a shopping complex devoted to anime, idol, and manga-related items. Connected to Nakano Broadway from Nakano Station is the Nakano Sunmall, a 225 meter long, covered shopping arcade with a wide variety of shops and inexpensive eateries and izakaya (Japanese-style pubs).

  • Total Monthly Cost: ¥53,000 ($471)
  • Key Money: None
  • Deposit: None
  • Agency Fee: ¥52,920
  • Size: 10.00 m² (107-sqft)
  • Floor: 1st-floor in 2-story building
  • Notes: Equipped with A/C, kitchenette, phone line/WiFi (please note WiFi monthly usage fee may not be included in Total Monthly Cost)

Private Room in Share House in Meidaimae – 3 Stops to Shinjuku – No Deposit, No Key Money, No Agency Fee

Location: Excellent location near three stations, Higashi Matsubara, Shimokitazawa, and Meidaimae Station. Seven minutes by express train to Shinjuku, 4 minutes by express train to Shibuya.

Great location for students studying at Meiji University Suginami Campus.

  • Total Monthly Cost:¥53,000 ($471)
  • Key Money: None
  • Deposit: None
  • Agency Fee: None
  • Size: 5.8 m² (63-sqft)
  • Notes: Private bedroom (western or Japanese-style), shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. WiFi equipped. Washing machine on premises. Excellent location for getting to major stations.

Studio Apartment in Kamata – 3 Stops to Shinagawa

Location: 7-min walk from Keikyu Kamata Station and 17-min walk from JR Kamata Station. Kamata is an excellent neighborhood for commuting north to Shinagawa or south to Yokohama and Kawasaki. Kamata also has a lot of inexpensive shopping and dining near the station.

  • Total Monthly Cost:¥56,000 ($497)
  • Key Money: None
  • Deposit: None
  • Agency Fee: ¥60,480
  • Size: 17.64 m² (189-sqft)
  • Notes: Sunny, southwest facing unit. Near a supermarket, pharmacy, convenience store.

Studio Apartment Near Akabane Station – Major Transit Hub – 19-min direct to Shinjuku

Location: 7-min walk from Akabane Station on the Utsunomiya Line, 8-min walk from Shimo Station on the Tokyo Metro Namboku line

Akabane is a major train station in the JR East network. From Akabane you can get to Tokyo non-stop in about 19 minutes, to Shinjuku in about 14 minutes, and to Ikebukuro in 8 minutes. Being on the Keihin-Tohoku and Saikyo lines, Akabane also allows easy access to locales north and south of the city. For example, from here you can get directly to Yokohama in less than 45 minutes on the Saikyo line.

  • Total Monthly Cost:¥57,050 ($507)
  • Key Money: None
  • Deposit: None
  • Agency Fee: None

Studio Apartment Near Nishi-Oi Station – 1 Stop to Shinagawa


Location: 10-min walk from Nishi Oi Station, one stop from Shinagawa station on the Yokosuka line, 9-min from Oimachi Station on the JR Keihin-Tohoku line.

  • Total Monthly Cost:¥55,000 ($488)
  • Key Money: None
  • Deposit: ¥50,000
  • Agency Fee: ¥50,000
  • Size: 11- m² (118-sqft)
  • Notes: Convenient location. A/C and broadband installed. Monthly internet fee may not be included in Total Monthly Cost.
  • For more info and to book a room view click here: no key money apartment in Nishi Oi


Top Photo: Nabeyoko Natsu Matsuri (Festival), Honcho Nakano Ward, Tokyo via