What percentage of apartments in Japan do not require a deposit and key money ?

In this article, we give an overview of the main move-in costs required for renting an apartment in Japan and how common it is for a deposit and key money to be a requirement. Of the move-in costs usually required... More

Tokyo Budget Living

Tokyo Budget Apartments: What you can rent for $600 with No Key Money, No Deposit, No Agency Fee

By popular request, in this installment of the “what can you rent” series, we focus on Tokyo, including short-term options available now for $600 (¥65,000) a month or less. No one likes to pay high move-in costs, so the examples below... More

Top 5 Reasons Rental Applications Are Rejected by Landlords in Japan

In this article, we discuss the main reasons why landlords in Japan reject applications from potential tenants. And how you can improve your chances of getting the apartment you want. #1 If you’re a foreigner….housing discrimination Let’s deal with this... More

LeoPalace21 Admits to Insufficient Fireproofing in Another 1,300+ Buildings, 7,700 Tenants Urged to Move

In a new scandal, LeoPalace21, the operator of over 30,000 budget apartment units across Japan, announced on February 7th that it has confirmed construction failures in walls and ceilings of 1,324 apartment buildings it operates in 33 prefectures. This admission... More

Word of the Day - January 24, 2018

What is a 1LDK Apartment? – Real Estate Japan’s Word of the Day

1LDK A 1LDK is an apartment with one room in addition to a living, dining and kitchen area. L stands for “Living”, D stands for “Dining”, K stands for Kitchen”. The number 1 indicates that there is one room in... More

Word of the Day - January 17, 2019

Genjyou Kaifuku – 原状回復 – Real Estate Japan’s Word of the Day

Genjyou Kaifuku 原状回復 English definition: Restoration to original condition In Japan, this is the basic standard that landlords hold properties to when a tenant vacates a property. By law, the lessee (tenant) is financially responsible for restoring the property to... More

Word of the Day - January 16, 2019

Koushin-ryou – 更新料 – Real Estate Japan’s Word of the Day

Koushin-ryou 更新料 English definition: Renewal fee for a lease. In Japan, a lease renewal fee is sometimes included in a rental contract. This obligates the tenant to pay a fee in order to extend (renew) the leasing agreement. Regular leases in Japan... More