Shinjuku Short Stay Apartment: Rent This Convenient Japanese-Style Apartment in Nishi Shinjuku!

This week’s featured short-stay apartment is a feature-packed property in the uber-convenient neighborhood of Nishi Shinjuku.

Nishi Shinjuku

Nishi means “west” and Nishi Shinjuku indeed lies just west of central Shinjuku. Nishi Shinjuku is known for its high concentration of skyscrapers and the iconic twin Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings.

Cherry blossom trees in Shinjuku Central Park. The buildings to the left are the Tokyo Metropolitan Government buildings. Image: iStock

It’s one of the most convenient places you can stay in Shinjuku because there are so many major stations nearby, including the mother of all hub stations — JR Shinjuku — which is just a 15-minute walk away!

Today’s featured apartment is tucked right beside Shinjuku Central Park, an expansive city-center green space with many tree-lined walking paths and places to relax near fountains and other water features. It’s an ideal location due to its proximity to the many sights and sounds of Shinjuku, while being situated in a quiet, residential neighborhood. From the apartment, it is about a:

  • 3-minute walk from Nishi Shinjuku Gochome Station (Oedo line)
  • 10-min walk from Tochomae Station (Oedo line)
  • 15-min walk from JR Shinjuku Station (Yamanote line)

Area map of Nishi Shinjuku. The location of today’s featured property is indicated by the light green circle. Image: Google Maps screenshot

Nishi Shinjuku Gochome Station (the closest station) offers plenty of conveniences, including a conbini (covenience store), Japanese bento shop, drug store, and and curry restaurant, all within a 5-min radius of the station.

Being right on the Oedo line means you can shoot directly to popular stations like Roppongi (which is a direct 13-min train ride away). Other major stops on the Oedo line include Iidabashi, Kasuga, and Ryogoku.

You can also easily walk to JR Shinjuku Station, which gives you access to seven different rail lines and infinite shopping, dining, and entertainment options. From an in-depth guide to Shinjuku, please see: Shinjuku Area Guide

Short-Term Apartments brought to you by Switch

Our featured apartment is brought to you by Swwitch Entertainment, a bilingual real estate agent based in the Okubu area of Shinjuku. They operate short-term rental apartments in locations throughout Tokyo, including: Nishi Shinjuku, Ogikubo, Okubo, Akihabara, and Toronomon.

Featured-packed Japanse-style Apartment

Swwitch Entertainment is offering this fully-furnished 25.00m² (269-sqft) 1DK apartment for short-term rental.

Included in the rent is a portable WiFi, so you can stay connected wherever you are in the city!

This apartment would be ideal for a single traveler who wants a lot of room, a couple, or even a small group of friends.

Move-in costs are minimal:

  • No key money, no guarantor required
  • Security deposit: Yes (¥30,000)
  • Cleaning fee required and payable upfront (¥15,000)

Please inquire to the agent by clicking on any of the photos or here. Then fill in the inquiry form, if you have any questions about this property or would like to book the room!

Fully furnished property, from TV, A/C to washing machine and fridge. Also included are kitchen utensils, linens, towels, and soap and shampoo. Image: Swwitch Entertainment

Get a great night’s sleep after a long day out.This property can sleep up to six people. Included are six single futon bedding sets. Image: Swwitch Entertainment

Tatami-style sitting room. Image: Swwitch Entertainment

If this property in Nishi Shinjuku doesn’t suit your needs, please contact Swwitch Entertainment to see if any of their other properties would work for you.

Below are some of their other properties in other locations around Tokyo.

Please click on the photos for property details, cost, and to make an inquiry for a booking or room view!

Short Term Apartment for Rent in Okubo

Short-term apartment for rent in Okubo. Please click on the photo to see the property detail page and to inquire directly to the agent. Image: Swwitch Entertainment

Short-Term Apartment for Rent in Akihabara

Short-term apartment for rent in Akihabara. Please click on the photo to see the property detail page and to inquire directly to the agent. Image: Swwitch Entertainment

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