Spacious and Well-Appointed Osaka Furnished Apartment for Short-term Stays Near Dotonbori

In the spotlight today we have a very special furnished apartment available for short-term stays in Osaka!

This 1LDK apartment is just 1 min away from Nippombashi Station. This puts you near the heart of Osaka’s famous Dotonbori entertainment district! If you’re planning a trip to Osaka, you might want to consider this kind of furnished apartment for a unique experience that offers home-like comforts while you explore the rich history and nightlife of Osaka.

This apartment is owned and managed by our friends at Ookini Hotels. If you check their listings on our website you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how many great accommodations they provide in Osaka. From apartments suitable for one to two travelers all the way to spacious apartments with multiple beds for a family or group of friends!

Above is an interactive map centered on Nippombashi Station, which should give you a good idea of where the apartment is located in relation to major Osaka destinations like Dotonbori (west of the station), Tennoji Park (south of the station), and Osaka Castle (northeast of the station). It can be hard to picture distances and transportation access when you’ve never been to Osaka before, but this is a location that offers great convenience for travelers trying to see as much of Osaka as possible!

This particular apartment is furnished with 3 double beds and sleeps up to six people! That’s a lot of room for travelers to get a restful night’s sleep. If you’re visiting Osaka with a group of friends, this property is a great value compared to staying in a hotel. There is also a full kitchen where you can prepare complete meals (and not just for heating up take-out food).

A large dining table is a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea!) in the morning and plan your sightseeing excursion for the day! It’s also useful for sharing your spoils of the day with the rest of your group!

The kitchen area comes equipped with a microwave, refrigerator/freezer, and electric range (for those who who really want to embrace the home-away-from-home aspect of the apartment). The summer weather in Japan tends to be hot and humid, so having a freezer to store some frozen treats is a fantastic way to beat the heat!

The neon lights of Dotonbori make for a colorful nightlife that you can explore close to the apartment! Photo: iStock stock photography

Dotonbori is a popular tourist destination and there’s plenty to explore in this entertainment district! The area is also very photogenic and great for taking memorable snapshots of your visit to Osaka!

Takoyaki is a staple Osaka treat that you can find sold at many shops! Photo: iStock stock photography

No trip to Osaka is complete without grabbing some takoyaki (balls of batter with small bite-size bits of octopus mixed in). After cooking they’re usually presented with sauce and mayonnaise for a very savory, salty, and slightly sweet street food!

Nearby Tsutenkaku is another popular attraction that you can find near this apartment! Photo: iStock stock photography

Tsutenkaku is a tower with an observation deck that provides a nice view of Osaka! The surrounding market area is also a very popular destination for exploring Osaka!

Osaka Castle is another great sight to take in during a trip to Osaka! Photo: iStock stock photography

Osaka Castle adds a charming historical touch to the cityscape. The paths around the castle make for a great walk on a nice sunny day!

Transportation to the apartment is also quite easy. If you’re flying directly to Osaka from another country, chances are you’ll be using Kansai International Airport. You’d have a few options available after arriving at the airport, my suggestion would be to take the Nankai-Limited Express to Tengachaya Station, then transfer to the Sakaisuji Line to get to Nippombashi Station. Another option would be to take the Nankai-Kuko Line to Namba Station, but you’d have an 8 minute walk with all your luggage (but you could take a taxi at that point as well). If coming from Tokyo via the shinkansen, you’ll arrive at Shin-Osaka Station, transfer to the Midosuji Line, and catch one more transfer at Osaka-Namba Station to the Sennichimae Line.

And there you have it: a look at what’s available for staying in a very convenient apartment in Osaka! Remember to check the rest of the apartments managed by Ookini Hotels for more options!