Spacious, Furnished Short-Term Apartment For Rent on the Osaka Loop Line – 2-Min Direct to Tennoji

Are you looking to spend some time in Osaka? Whether for business, vacation, or short-term study abroad, you can use the search tools on our site to look for short-term apartments in Osaka.

For example, this is a short-term rental apartment recently added to our listings by our partners at Kaguya Asakusa. Click on their name to get to their listings, which include some unique apartments with very cool furniture and interior layouts that would turn any trip to Osaka, Tokyo, or Kyoto into a memorable experience!

Turning our attention to the apartment featured for today: a 1K furnished apartment available for short-term rental in Ikuno Ward, Osaka!

The furniture you need for a comfortable stay is all prepared and ready for your arrival: two twin beds, a couch, a desk and chairs, and a refrigerator. Pictures provided by Kaguya Asakusa are of similar apartments they manage, so some of the pictures might not be of the exact apartment in the listing.

This cozy setup is a good home-base for those traveling through Osaka! Very comfortable amount of space with a home-like feel.

The two-bed layout make this a versatile apartment that can be suitable for a pair of travelers!

At just 1 minute away from Teradacho Station, this location offers great transportation benefits for the value seeker looking to get the most out of his or her stay in Osaka. Close to this station you’ll find a variety of restaurants that will help you explore Osaka’s vast culinary landscape. Pompocotei is a local restaurant where you can find okonomiyaki (a savory pancake dish that is generally made of a flour batter, cabbage, pork belly, and various toppings and sauces) and Funaya serves up unagi (freshwater eel). In addition to the traditional Japanese eateries you’ll find familiar cafes and fast food in case you don’t feel like venturing out into the unknown of the culinary wilderness.

Teradacho Station is located on the Osaka Loop Line, a very convenient train line that stops at Tennoji (2 min) and Osaka (20 min). This puts you very close to sights like Tennoji Park, Osaka Tennoji Zoo, and Tsutenkaku (tower with observation deck)!

Many restaurants and markets can be found around Tsutenkaku, making it a popular destination! Photo: iStock stock photography

Also, this apartment is just 17 min to Namba Station where you can walk to the famous Dotonbori entertainment district.

The bright neon of Dotonbori is a must-see sight when visiting Osaka! Photo: iStock stock photography

Close to Teradacho Station is Osaka YMCA Japanese Language School, making this apartment a fantastic consideration for students looking for short-term rentals. This would put you within walking distance, and give you plenty of transportation options for exploring during your stay in Osaka!

There’s a lot to check out in Osaka, and finding a place where you can comfortably travel through the city at your own pace can be more time consuming than you’d like. But, by using our search tools (and checking out our featured apartments like this) you can quickly picture yourself in and around your travel destination!