Student-friendly apartments in and near Tokyo – Here’s where to live if you’re on a budget!

This month we saw an increase in inquiries from people looking for student- and budget-friendly apartments in and around Tokyo, as can perhaps be expected with the news regarding the loosening of border restrictions.

Below we feature the top three stations that received For Rent inquiries this month from students and young professionals looking for budget-friendly options.

  1. Matsudo
  2. Ichikawa
  3. Hachioji

#1 Matsudo – JR Joban Line in Chiba

Our featured property this month in Matsudo is a 2nd-floor 1K apartment for rent 9-min walk from Matsudo Station. Total Monthly Cost is ¥42,649 (about $375 USD). No deposit, no key money, no agency fee. Available through the GaijinPot Housing Service. Please click on the photo for the full listing and to inquire for more info! Image: HIRO Corporation

Coming in at number one this month for budget-conscious apartment seekers is Matsudo!

Matsudo is a station on the JR Joban line that is known for being conveniently located between major stations in Tokyo and Chiba. Nathan, from the GaijinPot Housing Service and a long-time resident of Chiba, did an excellent write-up on Matsudo, here. What’s Matsudo like, from a local’s perspective?

“One good thing about Matsudo is that it’s less densely packed compared to Funabashi, Kashiwa, and of course Tokyo. You have a lot more space for walking, riding your bike, or even car if that’s your chosen mode of transportation. Speaking casually, I would describe it as a place with a very “comfy” vibe. It’s a really good balance of having everything you need right around where you live, but not also being overly crowded.” Read more the rest of his review here!

Matsudo is especially recommended for people working or studying in the Ochanomizu, Suidobashi, and Kanda neighborhoods, where there is a very high concentration of university campuses and vocational schools.

It is a 31-min direct commute from Matsudo to Shin-Ochanomizu Station on the JR Joban line (then about another 3-minute walk to Ochanomizu Station itself).

Universities in the Shin-Ochanomizu and Ochanomizu neighborhoods include: Meiji University, Ochanomizu University, and Digital Hollywood University.

#2 Ichikawa – JR Chuo Sobu line in Chiba

Our featured property in Ichikawa this month is a very bright and clean 1R apartment for rent, 4-min walk from Ichikawa Station. Total Monthly Cost is ¥55,000 ($483 USD). No deposit, no key money, no guarantor fee. Available from December 20, 2021. Inquire now for a room view! Please click on the photo for more information. Image: Aonissin
Interior, image: Aonissin

Coming in at number two this month for student- and budget-friendly stations is Ichikawa, in the city of Ichikawa, Chiba.

Ichikawa is a station on the major east-west line in Tokyok: the JR Chuo-Sobu line. This gives you direct access to major stations along the Chuo-Sobu line, including Akihabara, Suidobashi, and Shinjuku in the direction of Tokyo, all the way to Mitaka in western Tokyo; and Nishi Funabashi, Funabashi, and Chiba to the east.

Ichikawa is very convenient for people commuting to schools and offices in Suidobashi. It is about a 28-min direct ride from Ichikawa to Suidobashi.

Universities in Suidobashi include: the Tokyo Dental College Suidobashi Campus, Tokyo Dental College Junior College, Chuo University Korakuen Campus, Toyo Gakuen University Hongo Campus, Nihon University College of Economics, Nihon University School of Law, and Senshu University Kanda Campus); and many vocational and cram schools.

#3 Hachioji – JR Chuo Main, JR Chuo Rapid, and JR Yokohama lines in Hachioji

1R apartment for rent near Hachioji Station. Total Monthly Cost is ¥40,800 ($359 USD). No key money. This property is available through the GaijinPot Housing Service, which means that you can pay for everything with a credit card and can apply from overseas. Please click on the photo for the full listing and to contact the Housing Service team. Image: SkyCourt Chintai Center K.K.

At number three this month is Hachioji, in the western Tokyo suburb of…Hachioji (City, that is).

Hachioji is a residential suburb popular with people who want a doable commute to the city but who want to live closer to nature. All the while, there are plenty of urban amenities near a major station like Hachioji.

For our full city guide, please see the Hachioji Area Guide.

Here’s what our local guide has to say about this very livable suburb: “Hachioji Station itself is surrounded by department stores – the same as any large station within Tokyo. However, once you begin to drift away from the station, you might find yourself amidst a wealth of flora and fauna. If you choose to live in this area, you’ll be just minutes away from Mt. Takao (a popular day-hike destination for Tokyoites) – the great outdoors are at your doorstep in this neighborhood.”

Rent is rather affordable in the Hachioji area. This can prove to be a steal if your work or school is also located nearby.

  • Studio/1K ¥56,300/month (About $530 assuming an exchange rate of ¥106/US dollar)
  • 1LDK/2DK/2K ¥88,400 (About $830)
  • 2LDK/3DK/3K ¥118,400 (~$1110)

On Real Estate Japan, you can find much less expensive options than the average numbers mentioned above.

Hachioji is the terminal station on the JR Yokohama line, so it’s convenient for commuting to Shinjuku (about a 35-minute ride). You can likely get a seat in the morning but maybe not on the return commute!

GaijinPot Housing Service

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Lead photo: You’ll find platforms for the JR Chuo Line (Rapid), JR Chuo Main Line, and JR Yokohama Line at Hachioji Station. Photo by Scott Kouchi.

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