Study Japanese in Tokyo at ARC Tokyo Japanese Language School – 3 Neighborhoods to Commute From

It’s never too early (or late) to get a little research on for future goals! In this article we’ll introduce a highly acclaimed language school in Tokyo and a few of the diverse neighborhoods you can choose to live in that would provide a simple daily commute!

ARC Tokyo Japanese Language School

With locations in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, ARC schools have been creating a welcoming, inclusive learning environment since 1986. Teachers hold individual counseling sessions held every term, providing direct feedback and support for the most suitable learning experience for each student. Student visas are available for those enrolling for the standard course which takes two years. The school offers a variety of other classes as well: a business course (6-month course focusing on finding a job in Japan), prep courses for graduate school, and private lessons. Head to the GaijinPot Study website for more details on this language school here: ARC Tokyo Japanese Language School.

The GaijinPot Study page on ARC Tokyo Japanese Language School has great info about the courses they offer!

The specific school we’re examining today is located in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, located towards the center of the 23 wards of Tokyo. Thanks to this central location, it’s possible to commute to the school using Iidabashi Station (check our Iidabashi Area Guide for details on the neighborhood). This central transportation hub can be accessed by 6 train/subway lines, giving you a wide variety of neighborhoods to choose from for commuting to school!

Ichikawa City, Chiba – Myoden Station – Tozai subway line

Our first stop on this tour of neighborhoods is actually just east of Tokyo, and in Chiba Prefecture. Before you write off neighborhoods in Chiba, Saitama, and Kanagawa (prefectures bordering Tokyo), know that the neighborhoods near Tokyo offer a lot in terms of keeping your rent more affordable. While this in turn is balanced out with a typically longer commute, getting from Myoden Station to Iidabashi Station via the Tozai subway line will only take around 33 minutes – not too shabby when the average commute in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area is around 60 minutes one-way!

This neighborhood is the kind of area that will be perfect for those who are a little apprehensive about living right in the thick of the big city. The quieter residential streets will also give you a good environment at home to focus on your studies. There is a nearby shopping mall to provide some nearby convenience. A very understated plus of living in this area is the access you have to areas like Minami-Funabashi (Lalaport Tokyo Bay shopping/entertainment complex located on Tokyo Bay is a popular hang out spot).

1DK apartment for rent in Ichikawa City, Chiba – ¥84,864/month

Photo: Real Estate Japan

Photo: Real Estate Japan

  • With more space than a standard studio 1R or 1K apartment (and not that much more expensive to boot), this 1DK apartment will prove to be a great value! Recently built (2019) 2nd floor corner unit. Low initial move in fees thanks to no key money and no deposit. Great option for those who see themselves being a little cramped in a 1R or 1K apartment.
  • Price: ¥84,864/month – NO KEY MONEY/NO DEPOSIT + GaijinPot Housing Service
  • Year built: 2019
  • Size: 27.50 m²
  • Separate toilet/bathroom: Yes
  • 2nd floor or higher: Yes (2nd)
  • Closest station: 13 min to Myoden Station (Tozai subway line)
  • Closest major hub: 13 min to Funabashi Station (1 transfer) (via Tozai subway line)
  • Browse more listings near Myoden Station

Kita Ward, Tokyo – Oji Station – Namboku subway line

Heading north of Iidabashi Station we can take a look at the neighborhood around Oji in Kita Ward. This station gives you access to two train/subway lines: JR Keihin-Tohoku Line and Namboku subway line. Having multiple lines nearby is such a convenience for navigating the city. In particular, the Keihin-Tohoku Line will let you get around major destinations like Ueno, Akihabara, Tokyo, Shinagawa, and even Yokohama without needing to transfer. And the Namboku subway line provides options for getting through central Tokyo, taking only 13 minutes to get to Iidabashi Station.

The area surrounding Oji Station is an example of a blend of residential/urban that puts you close to features like an open public park (Asukayama Park), various shops/restaurants around Oji Ginza shopping street, and the locally famous Oji Jinja Shrine.

1K apartment for rent in Kita Ward, Tokyo – ¥93,540/month

Photo: Real Estate Japan

Photo: Real Estate Japan

  • Students can take advantage of the fact that this is a furnished apartment – a major help for those moving to their first apartment in Tokyo. Without having to worry about purchasing appliances (and eventually selling/disposing of said appliances), you’ll be able to quickly adjust to your Tokyo life.
  • Price: ¥93,540/month – NO DEPOSIT + GaijinPot Housing Service
  • Year built: 2019
  • Size: 26.96 m²
  • Separate toilet/bathroom: Yes
  • 2nd floor or higher: Yes (2nd)
  • Closest station: 13 min to Oji Station (Keihin-Tohoku Line, Namboku subway line)
  • Closest major hub: 12 min to Ueno Station (via Keihin-Tohoku Line)
  • Browse more listings near Oji Station

Toshima Ward, Tokyo – Ikebukuro Station – Yurakucho subway line

Rounding out our list of neighborhoods today is the illustrious Ikebukuro neighborhood in Toshima Ward. We started with a fairly residential and calm station in Chiba with access to just one subway line, and this is on the complete other end of the spectrum. Ikebukuro is one of Tokyo’s largest and busiest stations, it is a major transportation hub that you can really take advantage of if you are looking to explore Tokyo’s downtown scenes. Read our full Ikebukuro Area Guide for an in-depth look at what to expect here!

Be prepared for hordes of commuters during rush hour at this station. Since Ikebukuro is also a popular entertainment district thanks to the shopping malls, department stores, and entertainment park (Sunshine City), weekends will also bring in droves of people from around the city. If having a quick walk from home to the excitement of downtown Tokyo is high on your apartment preferences, Ikebukuro is definitely an area to check out!

1K apartment for rent in Itabashi Ward, Tokyo – ¥95,744/month

Photo: Real Estate Japan

Photo: Real Estate Japan

  • For those looking for the full city life experience while in Tokyo, Ikebukuro fits the bill perfectly. This is a recently built 1K apartment, and comes with very livable features for a single apartment hunter: 2-burner stovetop, separate toilet/bath, and bicycle parking. With all the shopping and dining options around Ikebukuro at your doorstep, this is an ideal location for those who area ready to take on the task of exploring Tokyo on foot!
  • Price: ¥95,744/month – NO KEY MONEY/NO DEPOSIT + GaijinPot Housing Service
  • Year built: 2019
  • Size: 20.61 m²
  • Separate toilet/bathroom: Yes
  • 2nd floor or higher: No
  • Closest station: 12 min to Ikebukuro Station (Yamanote Line, Saikyo Line, Shonan-Shinjuku Line, Seibu Ikebukuro Line, Tobu Tojo Line, Marunouchi subway line, Yurakucho subway line, Fukutoshin subway line)
  • Closest major hub: Ikebukuro Station
  • Browse more listings near Ikebukuro Station

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If you don’t have time to read through this entire article – check out my video showcasing these three apartments and the neighborhoods they’re located in! Make sure to subscribe to the Real Estate Japan YouTube channel for plenty of featured apartments and tips on finding an apartment/neighborhood that’s just right for you!

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