Tips for Renting an Apartment or House in Tokyo: Video Guide for Expats by Plaza Homes


In this video presentation, Sumie Nakamura, a bilingual real estate agent from Plaza Homes, goes over the important points you need to know about renting an apartment or house in Tokyo.

If you are not prepared in advance, you may not be aware of how rental properties and the process of renting in Japan are unique, which may cause a lot confusion and stress when the time comes to begin your home search.

Tips for renting an Apartment or House in Tokyo

In this video Ms. Nakamura goes over these points in an easy-to-understand manner that is appropriate for people who plan to come to Japan in the future and those who already live in rented property in Japan. These tips are based on her 15 years’ experience working with expatriates in Japan!

  1. Greeting your new neighbors
  2. Is it ok if I make holes to hang things on my apartment walls?
  3. Is it possible to rent an apartment if I have pets?
  4. What modern Japanese bathrooms are like
  5. How to handle the keys for your rented property
  6. Why do you have to get renters insurance?
  7. What you’re not allowed to do in a rental property

Rental Apartments and Houses for Expats in Tokyo – PLAZA HOMES

Plaza Homes’s website also provides a wealth of information on finding just the right property to meet your needs and specifications, including:

  • Choosing the right neighborhood
  • Comprehensive area guides to Tokyo’s popular expat neighborhoods
  • Types of housing
  • Understanding the lease
  • Timeframe and steps
  • Taking care of your new home

For more information

Plaza Homes is one of the leading bilingual real estate brokerages in Tokyo, with over 50 years of experience helping foreigners buy and sell real estate in Japan. If you are considering buying a property in Tokyo, please contact them below to get started!

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