Tokyo Hidden Gems: Modern Apartment Living Near Traditional Shopping Streets of Nakanobu

Welcome back to another installment in the Tokyo Hidden Gem series! In these articles, we take a closer look at interesting apartments in the under-the-radar neighborhoods of Tokyo.

On deck today is a pretty intriguing combination: a 1LDK apartment for rent in the calm residential neighborhood of Nakanobu. This 1LDK apartment is a unit in an upscale Residia apartment complex, and is listed by LINC. Our partners at LINC have a lot of experience with helping foreigners navigate Japan’s unique property market to find their ideal homes!

Where is Nakanobu?

Above is an interactive map of where Nakanobu is located in Tokyo. It is found in Shinagawa Ward, so in general you can think of it as south of business districts like Ebisu and Roppongi. This means there is a little distance between downtown Tokyo and this apartment, but that it is still within commuting distance to areas like Shibuya (16 min, 1 transfer), Shimbashi (15 min, direct), and Shinagawa (13 min, 1 transfer). A bonus about the lines available from Nakanobu Station is that you can go east-west via the Tokyu Oimachi Line or north-south via the Toei Asakusa subway line, which helps you get to the city’s main centers without transfering. For example, these lines give you easy access to areas like Jiyugaoka, Odaiba, by using the Oimachi Line (and Rinkai Line in the case of getting to Odaiba) for a lot of entertainment, dining, and shopping options.

1LDK apartment for rent in Nakanobu

Today’s featured apartment is a spacious 46-sqm 1LDK (1BR) found inside the Residia Nakanobu apartment building. The Residia brand of apartments is known for its emphasis on creating a comfortable, high-quality living environment, with high-grade construction and materials. Residia properties are found in most of Tokyo’s 23 Wards, in conveniently located neighborhoods. This Residia property is just 5 min from Nakanobu Station!

A quick look inside the kitchen/living area of the apartment reveals a modern, clean interior with enough space for a comfortable and homey feeling! This apartment also features a full “system kitchen” which means that there is a full cooktop (in this case, all-electric and with three burners), hood range, full sink, counter space, and plentiful cabinets. If you plan on cooking a lot of your meals, it’s a good idea to check the kitchen when you’re apartment hunting because studio (1R and 1K) apartments will usually only have kitchenettes with one burner.

The washroom sink has a recessed shelf for storing your toiletries neatly! The powder room (sink and vanity) in this apartment are also separate from the toilet room and tub/shower room. In Tokyo apartments, separation of the various bathroom components is not a given! In budget apartments, you will instead find a unit bath, where the bathtub, sink, and toilet are located in a single pre-fabricated room.

Spacious enough for a couple, walk-in closet, and two balconies

Today’s featured apartment is recommend for a single person who wants a lot of space (the size of this apartment, 46-sqm, is more than double the average size of a studio 1K or 1R apartment in Tokyo!) or even a couple.

In addition to the full system kitchen and separate toilet, vanity, and bathroom noted above, this property boasts two other somewhat unusual and desirable features.

Unlike in some western countries, built-in closets are not a common feature of apartments in Japan. This apartment features a walk-in closet attached to the bedroom!

It also has two balconies, which is unusual for an apartment of this size. One is attached to the living/dining room (which is often the case in 1LDK apartments) and the other is attached to the bedroom.

Nakanobu Shopping Street

Nakanobu Skip Road (なかのぶスキップロード) is a 330 m long stretch of shops and restaurants close to Nakanobu Station. In most shopping streets you’ll find a good mix of shops, from pharmacies and optometrists, to small electronics stores and hair salons, and Nakanobu Skip Road so no exception! You can find a butcher shop (Niku no Goita, 肉の伊吾田), sweets shop (Dessert Claft Ishiguro, 菓子工房 石黒), and secondhand goods/books store Bookoff.

Definitely an apartment to check out for those looking to move to a convenient neighborhood that offers a great deal in terms of livability. While Nakanobu probably won’t win any popularity contests for its excitement or nightlife anytime soon, the location and transportation options available from Nakanobu Station make it so you can take a quick trip to many of Tokyo’s nightlife destinations if the mood strikes you. This 1LDK apartment is a great example of what you can find when you take a look through some of Tokyo’s under-the-radar neighborhoods!