Tokyo Hidden Gems: Traditional Meets Modern at a Short Term Apartment Rental in Iriya

The cityscape of Tokyo is vast and diverse: from the ultra-modern, ultra-stylish neighborhoods around Shibuya to the old-school, timeless neighborhoods of Asakusa. If you’re planning a vacation or even an extended stay in Tokyo it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the many facets of Tokyo. You never know what’s out there! In our Hidden Gems series we scour our listings to bring you unique listings that feature some of Tokyo’s lesser-known neighborhoods!

Today we highlight this furnished 1K apartment in Taito Ward, Tokyo. Taito Ward may be the smallest ward in terms of area, but neighborhoods like Ueno and Asakusa give the area plenty to see and do (click on the links to get to the respective Area Guides for more information)! Our feature for today is managed by Yadoya (a bilingual real estate broker based in Taito Ward) who also have other unique short-term apartment listings on our site, so be sure to check out their apartments on our website here!

This cozy and convenient apartment can be found in the Negishi neighborhood in Taito Ward, and is just 6 minutes to Iriya Station on foot. Iriya is located just northeast of the large entertainment district of Ueno. As it lies in the shadow of this major transportation hub, this neighborhood tends to have a more local flavor. Iriya ranks high for livability and convenience  because of its proximity to shopping malls, entertainment, and the many transportation options from the station itself and from Ueno.

All these factors combine to create a very livable neighborhood that’s tucked away from tourist hotspots, but close enough to be in walking distance to a variety of sights around Ueno and Asakusa! From Iriya Station you can get across the city to Shinjuku in just 25 min!

Built in 2016, this is a recently built apartment building in a quiet residential neighborhood!

This is a recently built (2016) 1K apartment with a loft for extra space! With all the appliances and furniture taken care of and ready for you to move in, it’s a very simple and stress-free process! In fact, this kind of setup is an ideal student apartment! There are a handful of Japanese language schools around Nippori and Ueno, and this location will give students a very quick commute!

Although many studio apartments in Tokyo come with unit bathrooms (prefabricated bathrooms where the toilet, sink, and bathtub are located in the same waterproof room to save space), this apartment has the bathroom and washroom located in separate rooms. A separated bathroom and washlet/toilet area is considered a highly desirable feature in a Japanese studio apartment.

The lofted area gives you a little more room either for storage or as a cozy reading nook!

Although the kitchen doesn’t look like anything out of the norm for a studio apartment in Tokyo, there is a good amount of drawer space for cookware and utensils. This is a huge help for home chefs! As anybody who has lived with a tiny Japanese studio kitchen will tell you: the lack of space often results in more nights out (and more money out of the wallet) since it’s frustrating to deal with a cramped kitchen.

The neighborhood of Iriya has a calm and unassuming demeanor. But roughly 10 to 15 minutes away on foot is Ueno. This large urban transportation hub is constantly buzzing with crowds of people. Having quick access to a large station like this is very helpful for getting around Tokyo. Photo: iStock stock photography

Nearby Ueno Park gives residents a space to stretch their legs and enjoy a variety of sights like the Shinobazu Pond, Ueno Zoo, and Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Ueno is also a popular destination for many Tokyoites and there are plenty of affordable eateries to be found along the streets!

Sensoji is Tokyo’s oldest temple. A beautiful and scenic area to walk through to feel connected to Tokyo’s rich history! Photo: iStock stock photography

To really round out your experience in Tokyo, the deep-rooted traditional Tokyo vibe of Asakusa is an excellent balance to the modern pace of Ueno. Asakusa is home to the oldest temple in Tokyo: Sensoji. This attraction draws in many tourists both domestic and international, and you can find a lot of unique shops around this historical slice of Tokyo.