Tokyo Luxury Apartment Showcase: Hotel & Residence Roppongi

In today’s feature, we invite you to experience a luxurious short-term stay in Tokyo at the Hotel & Residence Roppongi. This amazing property is designed for visitors looking for centrally located accommodations in Tokyo, whether for business or  a vacation stay. Experiencing the Hotel & Residence Roppongi is a brilliant way to give your Tokyo visit a level of comfort that blends hotel-like amenities with a familiar home-away-from-home feel! Today we are featuring a 1R serviced apartment in this property, which is owned and managed by Hotel & Residence Roppongi.

This apartment enjoys an enviable location in Nishi Azabu, right on the border with Roppongi and in the heart of foreigner-friendly Tokyo. Being located between Shibuya and Tokyo Station also makes it easier to maximize your time out and about soaking in as much of the city as possible, instead of waiting on trains and subways. Here’s an interactive map of the neighborhood. The Hotel & Residence Roppongi is located on the east end of the Nishi Azabu neighborhood, close to Roppongi Hills.

As the name of the building implies, the Hotel & Residence Roppongi operates as a hotel, but with an unusual twist: some of the units are designed as fully furnished serviced apartments, complete with a real kitchen (electric stovetop, fridge, and microwave).

This unique setup means that you can stay at an apartment, while taking advantage of hotel-like amenities such as 24/7 bilingual (English, Japanese) concierge service, in-suite dining, and the lounge area. All of this in a central downtown Tokyo location is almost too good to be true, but don’t just take our word for it, check out the photos the agent has kindly provided and read through the listing for the full details.

The room is clean and furnished with modern appliances for a comfy stay!

For those staying at the serviced apartment, you’ll have access to breakfast and dinner at discounted rates at the Coconoma Restaurant located in the hotel. Or, use the in-suite dining to enjoy a meal catered to your room!

Start your day off right by getting a bite to eat at the breakfast buffet offered to residents!

The Roppongi district is everything great about Tokyo all rolled into one. On one hand it is a business district home to Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, TV Asahi headquarters, and Tokyo Midtown. Combined with the luxury shopping options in the area, Roppongi presents a very chic and modern urban environment with plenty to see and do. And when the sun sets, Roppongi is known as one of Tokyo’s busiest nightlife hotspots, with many dance clubs and late night bars.

The Roppongi name is synonymous with luxury, and you’ll find sections of the streets lined with name brand storefronts like the Louis Vuitton location seen here. Whether for window shopping or an actual shopping spree, the area makes for great walks in downtown Tokyo! Photo: iStock stock photography

The modern look of Roppongi isn’t the only nearby neighborhood. A quick walk north through the Aoyama Cemetery will bring you to the Aoyama neighborhood. Yes, you read that correctly, a walk through a cemetery. While first and foremost this cemetery is the resting place for some of Tokyo’s notable inhabitants (including Hachiko, the loyal dog who is also remembered through the Hachiko sculpture at Shibuya), it is also a pleasant pedestrian path connecting Roppongi and Aoyama. In fact, the area draws in crowds of visitors to see the cherry blossoms during hanami (cherry blossom viewing, typically occurring in late March/early April in Tokyo).

Make sure to check the listings from Hotel & Residence Roppongi for other units available in their prime downtown Tokyo location. If you’ve been looking for accommodations for your next trip to Tokyo, definitely give these a look!

Lead photo: Hotel & Residence Roppongi