Top 10 Stations in Tokyo With Lowest Average Rent 2017

To save money on rent in Tokyo, one of the tips you’ll often hear is to move outside the Yamanote line or even further out, beyond the 23 wards.

It’s true that average rent does decrease the further you look outside central Tokyo.

In 2015, the average rent per sqm in Tokyo’s 23 wards was ¥2,936. This compares with an average of ¥2,150 for Tokyo’s western suburbs (in cities like Hachioji and Machida). That’s a difference of 26.8%!

Tokyo Metropolis. Source: Wikipedia

But if you really want or need to live in the 23 wards and want to spend as little as possible on rent, this article is for you. The ranking below is based on SUUMO’s survey of rent levels for 1R and 1K (studio) apartments located within a 15-minute walking distance of the station. The survey covers all 480 stations inside Tokyo’s 23 wards.

Of the top ten stations, six are located in Katsushika Ward in northeastern Tokyo. Katsushika is known for being a working-middle class area with a “traditional Japanese town” (shitamachi, 下町) vibe. It is also the hands-down winner for having the least inexpensive housing options in the 23 wards.

Now let’s take a look at the ranking!

#1 Kanamachi (金町)

Line: JR Joban

Ward: Katsushika

Average Rent: ¥59,000

Kanamachi station is two stops from Kita-Senju Station and four stops from Nippori on the Yamanote line, two very convenient hubs. You can find listings for studio apartments here starting from around the 40,000yen range.

In 2015, the average rent for a studio apartment here was ¥64,500, which means that rent here decreased by 8.5% year-on-year.

Kanamachi is home to Mizumoto Park, one of the largest parks in Tokyo’s 23 wards. It is known for its waterfront scenery and is a favorite among birdwatchers year-round and for hanami (cherry blossom viewing) in the spring.

Mizumoto Park, Katsushika ward, Tokyo

#2 Shibamata (柴又)

Line: Keisei Kanamachi

Ward: Katsushika

Average Rent: ¥59,400

Shibamata is known as a working-middle class neighborhood with many temples and traditional food shops and restaurants. From here it is about a 30-minute commute to Nishi Nippori Station on the Yamanote line. You can find studio apartments Shibamata starting in the ¥40,000 range.

The road leading to Shibamata Taishakuten, a famous Buddhist temple in the Shibamata neighborhood.


Tora-san statue Shibamata Station Tokyo
A statue of Tora-san, the main character in “Otoko wa tsurai yo,” stands in front of Shibamata Station.

In Japanese popular culture, Shibamata is also known as the setting of the film series “Otoko wa tsurai yo” (It’s Tough Being a Man).

#3 Nishi-Takashimadaira (西高島平)

Line: Toei Mita

Ward: Itabashi

Average Rent: ¥59,600

Nishi Takashimadaira is the northern terminus of the Toei Mita subway line. You can start here and ride directly all the way to Meguro. The Mita line is an excellent choice for commuting to Sugamo, Jimbocho, Otemachi, Hibiya, Shirokane, and of course, Meguro. You can find studio apartments in Nishi Takashimadaira starting from around ¥45,000.

Nishi Takashimadaira is probably best known for Akatsuka Tameike Park, which bursts into spectacular shades of white and red every March when its 213 plum trees come into full bloom.

#3 Kasai Rinkai Koen (葛西臨海公園)

Line: JR Keiyo

Ward: Edogawa

Average Rent: ¥59,600

From Kasai Rinkai Koen Station, it is just a 13-minute direct ride to Tokyo Station, which gives you access to 7 JR lines not counting the shinkansen and the subway Marunouchi Line. You can find studio apartments near Kasai Rinkai Koen starting from around ¥50,000.

Only a 1-minute walk from the eponym of the station is Kasai Rinkai Koen, one of the largest parks in central Tokyo and was built on reclaimed land. Kasai Rinkai Koen offers visitors wide-open grassy fields, a seabird sanctuary, an aquarium and an artificial beach, all within a 15-minute direct train ride of the Imperial Palace! The park also has a giant 117-meter ferris wheel, which lights up at night in a diamond and flower pattern much loved by locals.

Ferris wheel at Kasai Rinkai Park. Photo: Gotokyo.org

One thing to keep in mind about the JR Keiyo line (on which Kasai Rinkai Koen station is located) is that it is about a ten minute walk from the other platforms at Tokyo Station.

#5 Keisei Kanamachi (京成金町)

Line: Keisei Kanamachi

Ward: Katsushika

Average Rent: ¥60,000

Keisei Kanamachi station is a few minutes walk to Kanamachi station (#1 above) on the JR Joban Line, which will get you to Nishi Nippori station on the Yamanote line in about 20 minutes. In 2015, average rent for a studio apartment near Keisei Kanamachi station was ¥65,500, which means rent levels in the area have dropped about 8.4% year-on-year. Currently, you can find apartments near Keisei Kanamachi Station starting from around ¥40,000.

#6 Horikiri Shoubuen (堀切菖蒲園)

Line: Keisei Main

Ward: Katsushika

Average Rent: ¥60,900

Horikiri Shobuen station on the Keisei Main line offers direct access to Nippori station on the Yamanote line in 10 minutes. The average rent here is over ¥36,100 less than the average rent in Tokyo’s 23 wards (¥97,000 in 2015) as a whole.

You can find studio apartments near Horikiri Shoubuen Station starting from around ¥42,000.

Horikiri-Shobuen is famous for its 7,700 square meter garden featuring 6,600 irises in 200 varieties, which bloom in mid-June.

Horikiri Iris Park

#7 Takenotsuka (竹ノ塚)

Line: Tobu Isesaki

Ward: Adachi

Average Rent: ¥61,100

Takenotsuka is a working-middle class neighborhood, with a number of public housing projects located in the area. You can find studio apartments in Takenotsuka from around ¥58,000 a month.

From Takenotsuka Station it is only a 10-minute ride to Kita Senju Station. Kita Senju is a major hub in northeastern Tokyo. From here you can access 5 different train and subway lines: JR Joban, Tobu Skytree (Isesaki), the Chiyoda and Hibiya subway lines, and the Tsukuba Express. There is also excellent shopping around Kita Senju.

The Takenotsuka branch of Don Quijote discount retailer.

Takenotsuka itself has a branch of Don Quijote (a discount retailer) and a number of the usual chains and retailers.

#8 Kita Ayase (北綾瀬)

Line: Tokyo Metro Chiyoda

Ward: Adachi

Average Rent: ¥61,400

Kita Ayase is the north terminus of the Chiyoda subway line. From there it’s a direct shot to Otemachi station, in central Tokyo, in less than 30 minutes. You can find studio apartments in Kita Ayase from around ¥40,000 a month.

The word on the street is that more and more foreigners have discovered Kita Ayase has an inexpensive residential neighborhood, with good shopping and easy access to downtown. So don’t be surprised if you run into someone you know there!

Like Katsushika ward, Adachi ward is also known for its working-class vibe. Kita Ayase station is home to one of the top rated onsen (hot spring baths) in Tokyo, Oyata Onsen (Myojin no Yu). Between 10am to noon and 9 to 11pm, the entrance fee is only 700yen.

#8 Ohanajaya (お花茶屋)

Line: Keisei Main

Ward: Katsushika

Average Rent: ¥61,400

Ohanajya Station is adjacent to #6 Horikiri Shobuen Station above, so has almost the same advantages in terms of location and access to central Tokyo. You can find studio apartments in Ohanajaya starting from around ¥45,000.

Keisei Ohanajaya Station. Photo: Wikipedia

#8 Kameari (亀有)

Line: JR Joban

Ward: Katsushika

Average Rent: ¥61,400

From Kameari station it’s a direct ride to Nishi Nippori station on the Yamanote line in about 12 minutes. Studio apartments in Kameari can be found from around ¥40,000 a month.

The koban (police box) near Kameari station is supposedly the model for the police station in Japan’s longest running manga series, Kochikame by Osamu Akimoto. Photo: tano.blog.jp

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