Top 5 Places Where Foreigners Are Renting Apartments in Tokyo: December 2020 Edition

In this post, we present the Top 5 most popular stations for people searching for properties to rent on as we head to the last few days of December 2020. The ranking below is based on an analysis of property listings in the Tokyo 23 Wards that people viewed and inquired about.

#1 Ebisu

Coming in at number one this month among people looking for For Rent properties is Ebisu, which also made the Top 5 for people searching for For Sale properties on Real Estate Japan in December.

We currently list more than 500 properties for rent in Ebisu, from high-end homes to budget apartments like this very clean and bright furnished apartment listed by Residence Tokyo. This apartment is currently being offered by the agent at a discounted Total Monthly Cost of ¥60,000 ($578) until March 2021; the regular monthly cost is ¥105,000. Please contact Residence Tokyo for more information about this property. Click on the photo to see all properties currently available to rent in Ebisu.

Why Ebisu?

A foodie’s paradise, Ebisu is famous for its wide range of dining options and the beautiful city-in-a-city of Yebisu Garden Place. Consistently ranked as one of Tokyo’s most desirable residential neighborhoods, Ebisu is a high-end but laid back area situated near Shibuya and very popular with ex-pat residents. Proximity to the headquarters of many global companies, nearby embassies and high livability are major draws.

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See current For Rent listings: Ebisu apartments

#2 Azabu Juban

Coming in at number two this month among people looking for For Rent properties is Azabu Juban, which also made the Top 5 for people searching for For Sale properties on Real Estate Japan in December.

Manrikiya ramen shop on Azabu Juban shopping street serves up top-ramen ramen, steamed dishes, and gyoza in a casual and quirky atmosphere. Please click on the photo to see all properties currently available to rent in Azabu Juban. Photo Chris Mollison

Why Azabu Juban?

Home to numerous embassies, excellent public and international schools, quiet narrow streets, expat-dense, international influences vie with Edo-period appeal. Popular with expats and cosmopolitan Japanese alike, Azabu Juban is a family-friendly neighborhood that boasts top-class amenities.

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See current For Rent listings: Azabu Juban apartments

#3 Shin Okubo

The Shin-Okubo area is considered Tokyo’s Korea Town. It is growing in popularity among young foreigners looking to live near Shinjuku. Please click on the photo to see all properties currently available to rent in Shin-Okubo. Photo: iStock

Why Shin-Okubo?

Shin-Okubo is renowned as Tokyo’s Korea Town. This popular and trendy area offers an international vibe close to Shinjuku. An added benefit of this diverse environment is the selection of import supermarkets! While the streets around the station tend to be quite lively, even well into the night, it is possible to find calmer parts of the neighborhood.

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#4 Okubo

Coming in at number 4 this month is Okubo, not to be confused with Shin-Okubo above!

Okubo and Shin-Okubo are fairly well loved by young adults looking for an inexpensive bite in the city. Because of this and the area’s reputation for the latest in trendy foods, you might see lines of patrons patiently waiting outside restaurants. Photo: Naoki Nakashima via Flickr

Located within Shinjuku Ward, the neighborhood of Okubo is just north of the sprawling city center of Shinjuku Station. Moving north from Okubo you’ll encounter Takadanobaba, the lively commuter and student hub. East of Okubo itself is Shin-Okubo, the current Korea Town hotspot in Tokyo. And heading west from Okubo will bring you to more residential neighborhoods between Nakano and Shinjuku.

#5 We have a four-way tie for fifth place!


Winter illumination in Roppongi. Please click on the photo to see current For Rent listings in Roppongi. Image: iStock

Roppongi is a unique mix of down-market (at night) and up-market (in the daytime), where locals and foreigners go to party after hours. It is also home to Tokyo’s most luxurious urban re-development projects (including Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown), some of the city’s most expensive residential real estate, and a global business district.

Many international companies have offices in the area: Barclays Capital, Goldman Sachs, Google, and SAS Institute, among others. This results in Roppongi’s population being quite global compared to other parts of Tokyo. Expat and international families tend to rate Roppongi rather highly in terms of livability due to the abundance of establishments offering English services.

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Hiroo is a wealthy neighborhood in Shibuya Ward, home to many international embassies. This gives it a unique international twist that is quite special in Tokyo. Ex-pat families enjoy the livability in the area for its many international schools and English-friendly shops and services.

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Ramen chef in Meguro taking a break. Please click on the photo to see all current apartments For Rent in Meguro. Photo by Nayalan Moodley

Meguro is considered a very desirable residential neighborhood among both Japanese and non-Japanese. There are many luxury condominium buildings catering to high-end residents, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t find mid-range or even budget accommodation (such as shared houses or guesthouses) in the area.

It offers a relaxed atmosphere in a central location, an abundance of green space, cherry blossoms along the Meguro River, designer boutiques, and artistic character!

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Iriya is a station on the Hibiya line and a neighborhood in Taito Ward, Tokyo. It is a popular residential neighborhood for people who want to be near Ueno (which is just one stop away on the Hibiya line).

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