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What exactly is a 1LDK apartment and what can you expect to see when you’re looking at a listing for one? If you need a crash-course or refresher on the basics of Japanese apartment abbreviations, check out our article on Japanese apartment layouts!

What is a 1LDK apartment in Japan?

A 1LDK is a 1 bedroom apartment with living room, dining room, and kitchen. This generally means there are two distinct rooms: 1 bedroom and 1 living/dining room. In Japanese homes, the dining room and living room are generally extensions of each other, and it’s uncommon to have any kind of barrier between these two spaces. A 1LDK apartment will most likely have enough space in the living/dining area for a dining table and a couch, whereas a 1DK apartment will only have enough space for a small dining table.

Pros/cons of 1LDK apartments

Since there’s enough space for rooms to have designated uses (no doubling the bedroom as the dining room, for example), 1LDK apartments are quite comfortable. This also makes them better for hosting a few friends for a home party. Compared to a 1R apartment where it might even be hard to have one friend over for dinner, you might be able to host two or three friends comfortably.

The average 1LDK has about 40-sqm (431-sqft) of living space, although they can vary in size from around 30-sqm to 60-sqm.

It’s possible for two people to live in a 1LDK apartment comfortably, granted that it’s permitted by the landlord). Although a small studio apartment (like a 1R or 1K) can be cramped even for just one person, there’s generally enough space in a 1LDK apartment for a couple.

The cost of a 1LDK can vary widely depending on where it is located, the floor size, the year it was built, and the floor number, in addition to many other factors, but typically in Tokyo’s 23 wards, you should expect to pay minimum monthly rent of about ¥120,000 ($1,100) for a 1LDK.

Examples of 1LDK apartment layouts

Image: Real Estate Japan

Above is an example of a 1LDK apartment layout. This particular apartment clocks in at 31.6 sqm. Even at this size, having a designated living/dining area and a designated bedroom will help make the apartment feel more open.

Image: Real Estate Japan

Here’s a larger 1LDK layout. At 42.54 sq m, there will be enough room to host a small home party in the living/dining area.

Image: Real Estate Japan

This 33.41 sq m 1LDK corner apartment looks to offer plenty of natural light. Also note that the toilet is located across the hall from the wash room.

Examples photos of 1LDK interiors

Image: Real Estate Japan

This is a fairly representative example of the living/dining area in a 1LDK apartment. Enough space to comfortably fit a dining table and a couch. But every apartment will vary, so examine the size of the apartment on the listing and the layout itself to get an idea of how you can utilize your living space. This particular apartment is a 30 sqm apartment.

Image: Real Estate Japan

This 35.6 sqm apartment also has a spacious living/dining area that will be comfortable for one or two people.

Image: Real Estate Japan

It is possible to opt for a larger dining table to double as desk space, as demonstrated by this 1LDK interior. This style combines the typical couch/dining table into one larger fixture.

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