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What exactly is a 3LDK apartment and what can you expect to see when you’re looking at a listing for a 3LDK?

What is a 3LDK apartment in Japan?

The 3 in 3LDK refers to three rooms designated as bedrooms in the apartment. These apartments are geared towards families that need individual rooms for all family members. The LDK (living, dining, kitchen) area will provide a spacious social area for families to gather over meals and relaxing family time.

Pros and Cons of 3LDK apartments

Apartments of this size are great for families, since there is generally at least 70-sqm (753-sqft) of space. This allows children to have their own separate bedrooms. Usually with apartments this large there is also enough storage space (closets) for everyone’s clothes and belongings as well.

A typical Japanese-style room in an apartment. The adjacent room has flooring. Source: www.sukemitsu.co.jp

In many 3LDK apartments, one of the bedrooms will be a Japanese-style room (with tatami flooring).

If you rent a 3LDK apartment in a luxury apartment complex in downtown Tokyo, you may also be able to enjoy various on-site amenities (gym, daycare, concierge, etc.).

The cost to rent a 3LDK varies depending on a variety of factors (year built, distance from station, building amenities, etc.). The average monthly rent for a 3LDK apartment in the 23 wards of Tokyo is ¥247,800 ($2,200), with those located in Tokyo 23 central wards closer to around ¥330,000 per month.

Apartment hunters looking to strike a balance between space and commute time might be interested in residential neighborhoods around Setagaya Ward and Suginami Ward. Or, if you’re willing to live with a bit longer of a commute, take a look at neighborhoods in Saitama Prefecture and Chiba Prefecture!

Examples of 3LDK apartment layouts

Example 3LDK apartment layout

Above is an example of a 3LDK apartment (70.77 sqm). The LDK (living, dining, kitchen) area is comparable to 1LDK and 2LDK apartments, but this apartment has three bedrooms.


Example 3LDK apartment layout

Here’s another example of a 3LDK apartment layout (70.37 sqm). The middle bedroom doesn’t seem to have a window; always remember to pay attention to small details like this so you aren’t surprised when viewing the room in person.

Example 3LDK apartment layout

This is the last 3LDK apartment layout example we’ll take a look at. This apartment is a little smaller compared to the previous two, coming in at 62 sqm. The main difference between this layout and the first two is the size of the living/dining/kitchen area.

Examples photos of 3LDK interiors

Generally speaking, the LDK area of a 3LDK apartment will be just slightly larger than that of a 1LDK or 2LDK apartment to compensate for the increase in number of people living under the same roof. One thing to note in Japanese apartments is that the LDK area is typically one open space, meaning that there are no walls between the living space and the dining space. Depending on where you’re from, this might be a little bit different than what you’re used to. Let’s take a look at some examples of LDK areas in 3LDK apartments for a better idea of what to expect.

In the above example we can see there is ample room for a dining table for a family, as well as space to enjoy some quiet family time.

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