Work in Tokyo, Live in Saitama: 5 Commutable Neighborhoods and Featured Apartments

If you want to be really thorough in your “Tokyo” apartment hunt, it’s a good idea to consider popular commuter neighborhoods outside the strict boundaries of the city, including Saitama, Tokyo’s neighbor to the north.

Although living in Saitama will increase your commute time, you might be ok with that tradeoff for calmer streets and lower monthly costs on average. The average monthly rent for a 1R/1K apartment in Saitama is around ¥61,000, compared to ¥75,000 in Tokyo.

Without further ado, let’s jump to our list of apartments and Saitama neighborhoods to consider if you want a convenient commute into Tokyo. In an upcoming companion article we’ll focus on living AND working in Saitama.


The main focus of this article is to highlight apartments that also provide a decent (read: not mind-numbing) commute into Tokyo, so we’ve selected stations from where you can take a single train into Tokyo. From these major hubs you’ll most likely have to catch a transfer to get to your final destination.

Since Saitama lies north of Tokyo, the major connecting hubs will be in the northern part of Tokyo. Pretty useful for heading to Ikebukuro, Nippori, and Ueno. You might want to consider a neighborhood in Kanagawa if you’re looking for a residential neighborhood that can get you to southern parts of Tokyo quickly.

Area (Station) Average rent for 1R/1K Average rent for 1LDK Commute time to a major Tokyo hub
Setagaya ¥75,200 ¥108,600 17 min to Shibuya
Omiya ¥73,400 ¥116,600 32 min to Shinjuku
Tokorozawa ¥57,100 ¥75,100 28 min to Ikebukuro
Minami-Urawa ¥59,800 ¥72,700 30 min to Ueno
Kawagoe ¥57,600 ¥83,100 27 min to Ikebukuro
Wakoshi ¥61,200 ¥91,500 13 min to Ikebukuro

*Setagaya Station is being used just as a reference point for a residential neighborhood in Tokyo. There are no listings for Setagaya Station being featured in this particular lineup.

1K apartment near Omiya Station – ¥63,104/month

  • One very convenient bonus for this particular apartment is its proximity to a Family Mart convenience store. Whenever you need to pick up something, just head downstairs! No key money also helps with keep initial move-in costs low. Omiya Station is a major transportation hub in Saitama which also gives residents access to a variety of lines, including shinkansen (bullet train) lines. Great example of how to take advantage of the cheaper rent in Saitama, while still having tons of convenience at home.
  • Price: ¥63,104/month – NO KEY MONEY + GaijinPot Housing Service
  • Year built: 1997
  • Size: 24.60 m²
  • Separate toilet/bathroom: Yes
  • 2nd floor or higher: Yes (3rd)
  • Closest station: 14 min to Omiya Station (Saikyo line, Keihin-Tohoku line, Shonan-Shinjuku line, Musashino line, Takasagi line, Utsunomiya line, Shinkansen lines)
  • Closest major hub: 32 min to Shinjuku Station
  • Browse more listings near Omiya Station

1R apartment near Tokorozawa Station – ¥42,649/month

  • This apartment really highlights the kinds of reasonably priced apartments you can find just a short commute from downtown Tokyo. You will also save money thanks to the low move-in costs (no deposit/no key money). This is a fantastic choice for those looking for a first apartment for commuting into Tokyo. The Seibu Shinjuku line can be used to head straight to Takadanobaba as well, which might be super convenient for students attending a nearby language school or university.
  • Price: ¥42,649/month – NO DEPOSIT/NO KEY MONEY + GaijinPot Housing Service
  • Year built: 1987
  • Size: 17.28 m²
  • Separate toilet/bathroom: No
  • 2nd floor or higher: Yes (6th)
  • Closest station: 7 min to Tokorozawa Station (Seibu Ikebukuro line, Seibu Shinjuku line)
  • Closest major hub: 28 min to Ikebukuro Station
  • Browse more listings near Tokorozawa Station

2LDK apartment near Minami-Urawa Station – ¥89,216/month

  • There’s a lot to unpack with how much value this apartment offers! At 59 sq m, this apartment provides a lot of space at a very reasonable price – a great find for those seeking to move beyond a standard studio apartment. But then add the fact that there’s no key money and no deposit, and you’re looking at a very compelling apartment in a quiet residential neighborhood. The Keihin-Tohoku line can be used to go north towards destinations in Saitama like Urawa, Saitama-Shintoshin (Saitama Super Arena), and Omiya. Or use it to commute south into Tokyo to areas like Nippori, Ueno, and Tokyo Station.
  • Price: ¥89,216/month – NO DEPOSIT/NO KEY MONEY + GaijinPot Housing Service
  • Year built: 1988
  • Size: 59.22 m²
  • Separate toilet/bathroom: Yes
  • 2nd floor or higher: No
  • Closest station: 15 min to Minami-Urawa Station (Keihin-Tohoku line, Musashino line)
  • Closest major hub: 30 min to Ueno Station
  • Browse more listings near Minami-Urawa Station

1LDK apartment near Kawagoe Station – ¥80,000/month

  • Kawagoe is known for its historical connection thanks to the preserved buildings from the Edo and Meiji periods. These buildings include merchant homes, warehouses, and even sweets shops. You’ll find other interesting historical links throughout this area, making it a very cool spot for those with an interest in Japan’s history. Located along the Iruma River (about a 35 min walk from Kawagoe Station, or a 15 min bike ride) you’ll find Kawagoe Aquatic Park, an open green space with tennis courts, walking paths, and a small lake.
  • Price: ¥80,000/month – NO DEPOSIT/NO KEY MONEY
  • Year built: 2006
  • Size: 35.40 m²
  • Separate toilet/bathroom: Yes
  • 2nd floor or higher: Yes (2nd)
  • Closest station: 6 min to Kawagoe Station (Tobu-Tojo line, Kawagoe line)
  • Closest major hub: 27 min to Ikebukuro Station
  • Browse more listings near Kawagoe Station

3DK apartment near Wakoshi Station – ¥80,000/month

  • Here’s another entry to show off how much space you can find in these commutable neighborhoods! The added bonus for Wakoshi Station is the extra transportation options on the Fukutoshin subway line and Yurakucho subway line – get to Meiji-jingumae Station or Yurakucho Station directly without any transfers! Very livable residential neighborhood where you’ll find an Ito Yokado supermarket for all your daily necessities, as well as a Daiso 100-yen store.
  • Price: ¥91,000/month – NO KEY MONEY
  • Year built: 2002
  • Size: 66.00 m²
  • Separate toilet/bathroom: Yes
  • 2nd floor or higher: Yes (6th)
  • Closest station: 10 min to Wakoshi Station (Tobu-Tojo line, Fukutoshin subway line, Yurakucho subway line)
  • Closest major hub: 13 min to Ikebukuro Station
  • Browse more listings near Wakoshi Station

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