How to Buy a Residential Unit in Japan: Overcoming the Language Barrier

Rules and procedures for buying a residential property in Japan. Our experienced team will help you over the language barrier. Doors open at 1PM. The seminar will start at 2PM.

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    LIFULL Co. Ltd.
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    1:00 pm
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    LIFULL Office 2F HUB, 1-4-4 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 102-0083
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LIFULL is pleased to announce their upcoming seminar on how to buy a residential property in Japan.

LIFULL is the operator of one of Japan’s biggest property portal sites (LIFULL HOME’S), with a current business focus on bringing market transparency to foreigners who want to purchase property in Japan.

In this seminar, 

  • We will discuss a bit about the current Tokyo property investment market, how to buy residential units in Japan whether it be for personal use or investment, what to look out for, and the rules and procedures for purchasing a unit.
  • Present residential units currently on the market, including detailed information and data on the properties being offered. We will provide properties suitable for personal use, as well as investment depending on your property criteria.

Before and after the formal presentation, our team will be available to offer private consultations.

Our multilingual (English, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese) team has professional knowledge and experience helping foreigners purchase property in Japan. We can help you overcome the language barrier and understand the rules and procedures for buying real estate here.

Doors will open at 13:00PM. The presentation will start at 14:00PM.

Private consultations will be available before and after the formal presentation.

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International Investments Team Zak Tylski

Zak Tylski is a Japanese-American born and raised in Yokohama. He is bilingual in Japanese and English. His work experience includes years of experience as the On-Site Supervisor/Sales Manager at an international removals/logistics company catering to ex-pats, embassy employees and ambassadors. He also has more than five years experience in the real estate field at a Japanese developer selling property to overseas investors for personal and investment. Currently, he is a member of the International Investments Team at LIFULL (the company which owns LIFULL HOME'S property website). He specializes in assisting foreign investors purchase Japanese real estate.


LIFULL Office 2F HUB, 1-4-4 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 102-0083

Host LIFULL Co. Ltd.

LIFULL operates LIFULL HOME’S, which is Japan’s largest Japanese-language real estate information portal website by total number of listings. We provide information on renting, purchasing, building, remodeling, and investment throughout Japan. LIFULL is currently focused on  bringing transparency to foreigners who want to purchase property in Japan.