How to Invest in Japanese Real Estate as a Foreigner

Learn how to invest in Japanese real estate as a foreigner in Japan. This seminar is designed for resident foreigners new to whole building investment.

Premium Value Bank
7:00 pm
Palacio Tower 4F. 3-6-7, Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0061

Premium Value Bank is pleased to announce their upcoming real estate investment seminar that will focus on investment solutions for purchasing residential apartment buildings.

With a nationwide network of properties, PVB is able to offer their clients a large range of suitable real estate investments. Our seminar is designed to help you learn the key facts about Japan market investment, provide you with options that you can take advantage of for your own investment strategies, and give access to exclusive property you will not find anywhere else.

This seminar is designed for foreign residents of Japan who are new to whole building investment.

*Due to certain financing requirements, this seminar is limited to investors with an annual income of ¥7,000,000 or greater. We appreciate your understanding.


Kevin Chan Pacific Capital Investment

Kevin has a track record of more than twenty years in Japan of successfully applying Robert Kiyosaki’s model. In just five years, he has invested in more than 100 studio and 2BR (bedroom) units in Tokyo and has practical experience applying winning tax and mortgage strategies in his investments. Kevin coached under Robert Kiyosaki’s U.S. team and is now an active coaching and seminar speaker and AirBnB short-term, high-yield rental consultant. Kevin will be discussing the following topics: Real estate compared to other asset classes; investing in Japan versus other countries; yes, you can afford to own a whole building!; investment strategies; financing strategies;  owning real estate personally versus through a holding company; and hidden tax advantages of owning real estate.


Palacio Tower 4F. 3-6-7, Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0061


Premium Value Bank

Premium Value Bank is a Japanese real estate company that specializes in whole building apartment sales all over Japan.

The company has a strong background in property management and takes pride in its ability to provide smooth, stress-free investments for foreigners looking to include Japanese properties as part of their investment portfolio.