How to Rent an Apartment in Japan as a Foreigner: Webinar

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Learn how to rent an apartment in Japan and the main issues foreigners face when looking for housing in Japan. The seminar will be held live online from 6:30PM to 7:30PM on Tuesday, December 7th (Japan Standard Time).

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    Real Estate Japan
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    6:30 pm
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    This seminar will be held online and virtually hosted in Tokyo
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Real Estate Japan is pleased to present the next online seminar in our popular series on how to rent an apartment in Japan as a foreigner.

In this seminar, we will cover the basics of how to rent an apartment and discuss some of the main issues foreigners face when looking for housing in Japan. Specific topics include:

  • Rental apartment market in Japan
  • Procedure for renting an apartment in Japan
    • When should people start looking for an apartment ?
    • When is the best time of the year to look for an apartment ?
    • What is the difference between short-term and regular rental apartments?
  • Why is it so hard for foreigners to rent an apartment in Japan?
  • How much does it cost to rent an apartment ?
    • What is key money?
    • What is a guarantor company and why do people have to use one?
    • Average price based on floor plans among 1R, 1K, 1DK, and 1LDK apartments
  • Q&A

Q&A session will be held at the end of the online seminar

Make sure to take notes of questions you have during the seminar, as we will hold a Q&A session at the end. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about the home buying process and get first-hand expert advice!

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This seminar is designed for both foreign residents and foreigners currently outside Japan who are planning on moving here. Even if you’re currently outside Japan or live in Japanand don’t speak Japanese, we are able to help with your housing search!

Please note that the number of attendees will be limited to 50. Click on the link below to reserve a space.


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Yasuhiro integrates digital, social media, influencer, and content marketing with the sales in Real Estate, JOB, STUDY, Advertising, and Housing services at GPlusMedia as CSO. He hosts multiple webinars and Instagram Live in English and Japanese to bring transparent and easy-to-understand information for foreigners who are interested in buying, investing, and renting properties, looking for job opportunities, and studying Japanese in Japan as well as these Japanese companies that are looking for foreign employees and/or providing their services to foreigners.


This seminar will be held online and virtually hosted in Tokyo


Real Estate Japan


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