Income Tax and Investing in Japanese Real Estate

Join us for this brand new seminar on income tax issues related to individual ownership of property in Japan.

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    Premium Value Bank
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    7:00 pm
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    Palacio Tower 4F. 3-6-7, Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0061
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Premium Value Bank is pleased to announce their upcoming real estate investment seminar on  income tax issues related to individual ownership of property in Japan.

This is a brand new seminar on a topic that is essential to understanding how to minimize your tax liability and maximize profit from your property investment.

Our guest speakers will discuss the following topics as related to individual (not corporate) ownership of property:

  • How rental income is treated with respect to calculating taxable income
  • What can be deducted as a rental expense
  • Depreciation and property life
  • How depreciation is calculated
  • How taxable capital gain income is calculated
  • Case studies (but not including capital gains tax cases)
  • Filing income taxes in Japan

This seminar is designed for Japan-resident foreigners who are interested in whole building investment and will cover issues related to individual (nor corporate) ownership of real estate in Japan.

We will be offering personal consultations after the seminar so that our advisors can help you with your specific investment needs and goals.

During these consultations we will also be able to show you confidential properties that are not listed online.

*Due to certain financing requirements imposed by Japanese banks, this seminar is limited to investors with an annual income of ¥7,000,000 or greater. We appreciate your understanding.


Kaori Fuchi
Certified Public Tax Accountant

Ms. Fuchi is a Certified Public Tax Accountant. She worked at Ernst & Young before establishing her own tax consulting firm. Her firm, Kaori Fuchi Tax & Consulting, provides professional and client-friendly tax consulting and tax compliance services in English to mainly foreign companies and individuals. Ms. Fuchi is a graduate of Kansai University of Foreign Languages and holds a Master Degree in Law from Doshisha University.

Yoshinori Harada
Certified Public Tax Accountant

Mr. Harada is a Certified Public Tax Accountant with 13 years experience at a Tokyo tax accounting firm. In 2013 he established his own firm, Yoshinori Harada Tax Accountant Office, in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo. His firm provides services for both individuals and corporations. For individuals, his services in English include preparing personal income tax returns, tax declaration for expats, and tax support for holding foreign securities. He graduated from Meiji University.


Palacio Tower 4F. 3-6-7, Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0061


Premium Value Bank

Premium Value Bank is a Japanese real estate company that specializes in whole building apartment sales all over Japan.

The company has a strong background in property management and takes pride in its ability to provide smooth, stress-free investments for foreigners looking to include Japanese properties as part of their investment portfolio.

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