Investing in Japanese Real Estate in COVID Times: For Beginning to Advanced Investors

Online version of our popular series of seminars (for foreign residents and foreigners currently residing overseas) who are interested in getting started in real estate investment in Japan. The seminar will be held online from 6PM to 7:30PM on Thurs, Sept 24th (JST).

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    Real Estate Japan
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    6:00 pm
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    This seminar will be held online and virtually hosted in Tokyo
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Real Estate Japan Inc. is pleased to present the online version of our popular series of seminars for foreigners, both in Japan and overseas, who are interested in learning about investing in Japanese real estate.

This seminar is designed for beginning investors, but we will also be covering topics relevant to more advanced investors, including: the process of buying a property in Japan, financing options, Japan’s ultra-low interest rate environment, how to find a target property, and special considerations for investing during the COVID pandemic.

Topics we will be discussing:

  • How your residency status can affect the financing terms you’ll be offered
  • Which banks offer financing to non-Japanese buyers
  • How property prices and rent levels have been changing in the Japanese real estate market
  • How interest rates have been changing in Japan
  • How to target suitable properties (supply and demand approach)
  • Investing in a single unit vs whole building (pros and cons)
  • Why it is important to check the repair reserve fund before purchasing
  • Why it is important to use a guarantor company as an owner
  • How to purchase property in Japan
  • Considerations for overseas investors
  • How a property manager can help manage your investment property

Private consultations are available by appointment

Please indicate in the registration form whether you would like a private consultation and our partner, RE/MAX Amistad IREA K.K. will contact you to set up an appointment.

Our partner agent is able to offer highly personalized consultation, including:

  • Consulting with banks to find out how much you can borrow.
  • Provide Income/Expenditure spreadsheets for properties you are interested in, including costs involved in finding tenants.
  • Property information from REINS (the Japanese version of the Multiple Listing Service) as well as additional information from local agents.

Who is this seminar meant for?

This seminar is designed primarily for foreign residents of Japan who are new to Japanese real estate investment but we will also be covering topics relevant to overseas investors as well as people with previous real estate investment experience.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Yasuhiro Kitagawa

Yasuhiro has been with Real Estate Japan for six years. He studied and worked in the U.S. for over ten years before returning to Japan to work in the Japanese real estate industry. He is passionate about improving transparency and access to the Japanese real estate market for Japanese and foreigners alike. Yasuhiro is head of Real Estate Japan's investment support services for foreigners.

RE/MAX Amistad IREA K.K.
Aki Shimizu

Prior to working in real estate, Aki led a Japanese tour group on a tour around the world and learned hands-on about the hospitality industry. She has continuously demonstrated outstanding customer service with a positive attitude that has led to a great real estate experience for those she represents. Her real estate career started in 2007, working as an agent at a large firm in New York City. She then returned to Tokyo, her hometown. Since she joined the US-based, worldwide franchise, RE/MAX, she has focused on providing fair transactions for foreigners and spends everyday helping them sell, buy, lease and rent property in the greater Tokyo area.


This seminar will be held online and virtually hosted in Tokyo

Host Real Estate Japan


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