Why Buy in Tokyo Bay: The Potential in Tokyo’s Newest Prime Residential Real Estate Area

A brand new seminar on the potential of the Tokyo Bay area and why serious buyers should consider looking at condominium developments here. We will also be presenting apartments for sale in the soon-to-be-completed PREMIST Ariake Gardens development.

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    Real Estate Japan Inc.
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    7:00 pm
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    4F Higashi-Azabu IS Bldg. 1-8-1 Higashi-Azabu Minato-ku, Tokyo
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UPDATE: Registration is now closed for this seminar. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. To see a full list of current and upcoming seminars, please visit the main Real Estate Japan Seminar page.


Real Estate Japan Inc. is pleased to present this new seminar in which we will introduce the Tokyo Bay area and why serious buyers should consider looking at condominium developments here. We will also present information on apartments available for purchase in the PREMIST Ariake Gardens, a new development scheduled to be move-in ready by late February 2020 in the Ariake district of Tokyo Bay.

Until about ten years ago, many people had never heard of Tokyo Bay’s Toyosu, Kachidoki or Ariake districts. Today they are considered highly desirable residential areas. Why? Location, easy-of-living and the ongoing development of condominiums are key factors.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics have added rocket fuel not only to the capital but also to the area’s potential. The Olympic Village and game venues are nearing completion in numerous locations around Tokyo Bay, and Olympic construction has helped to accelerate nearby property values. But it’s not just about the Olympics.

The growth trajectory and buyer interest in the Tokyo Bay area is projected to continue well after 2020.


The Tokyo Bay area enjoys an enviable location on the waterfront with abundant parks, sports facilities and shopping and entertainment complexes. It is also about 5-km from Tokyo Station and within easy commuting distance of major stations around the city and Haneda Airport.

From Kokusai-Tenjijo Station on the Rinkai Line in the Ariake district of Tokyo Bay, it is a 20-min ride to Tokyo Station and 31-min to Haneda Airport. Shibuya is a 33-min ride away from Ariake-tennis-no-mori Station.

Location of PREMIST Ariake Gardens

A Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system is also planned for completion during the 2020 fiscal year. The BRT will connect waterfront areas like Harumi (the location of the Olympic Village), Ariake, and Daiba to downtown areas, including Toranomon, Shinbashi, and Ginza. The BRT will significantly improve the convenience of going between Tokyo Bay neighborhoods and central business and shopping districts. Its launch is considered a major factor in the growing desirability of the Tokyo Bay as a residential area.

The Market

How does the market view the Ariake area? Land and property values have seen above average increases in the Ariake neighborhood compared to citywide averages. In the last few years, the Ariake district, for example, has seen land price increases of up to 3% annually in the Ministry of Land’s LOOK survey, compared to flat growth for most other residential neighborhoods in Tokyo.

It is not just the location and actual and forecast market valuation that make Ariake attractive. Buyers should also look at the quality of the property itself and understand the factors that affect re-sale value.

What this seminar will cover

In this seminar we will discuss:

  • The potential of the Tokyo Bay area
    • Facilities and the environment related to Tokyo Olympic construction and development
    • How the popular areas will evolve
    • Asset value
  • What is considered a good property in the Tokyo Bay area?
  • Future of the Tokyo Bay area
  • Latest Japanese building technologies
  • Introducing the soon-to-be-completed  PREMIST Ariake Gardens condominium development
  • Q&A

PREMIST Ariake Gardens

At the end of the seminar, we will be introducing apartments for sale in the PREMIST Ariake Gardens, a new condominium building located in Ariake, Koto Ward that is scheduled for delivery (move-in) in late February 2020. The building is located 2-min walk from Ariake-tennis-no-mori station on the Yurikamome line.

Artist rendition of the PREMIST Ariake Gardens building.

Artist rendition of one of the gardens in the PREMIST Ariake Gardens building.

Location of PREMIST Ariake Gardens. The aerial image shown is an aerial photograph taken in July 2018 with a portion of it post-processed using CG.

Private Consultations

For a private consultation, please indicate in the form below a few dates and times when you would be available for a meeting following the seminar.

Our partner agent, LINC Inc., is able to offer highly personalized consultation, including:

  • Property information from REINS (the Japanese version of the Multiple Listing Service) as well as additional information from local agents.
  • Consulting with banks to find out how much you can borrow.
  • Provide Income/Expenditure spreadsheets for properties you are interested in, including costs involved in finding tenants.

The seminar will be held in the meeting rooms at Real Estate Japan Inc., which shares offices with GPlus Media Inc. We are located on the 4th floor of the IS Building in Higashi Azabu.

This seminar is brought to you by Real Estate Japan Inc. Our staff will be providing English-Japanese interpretation for speakers and attendees. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. Ayami Sato

After studying abroad at UCLA, she joined Daiwa House, which has been ranked in the Fortune Global 500 for 10 consecutive years, as a sales representative, and introduced many condominiums in central Tokyo to customers. In 2018, she was responsible for running the PREMIST club with 170,000 members. She currently belongs to the Overseas Condominium Business Development Department, and plans and manages seminars in Singapore and China that introduce Japanese apartments to foreigners.

Real Estate Japan Inc., General Manager Yasuhiro Kitagawa

Yasuhiro has been with Real Estate Japan Inc. for six years, the last four as General Manager. He studied and worked in the U.S. for over ten years before returning to Japan to work in the Japanese real estate industry. He is passionate about improving transparency and access to the Japanese real estate market for Japanese and foreigners alike. Yasuhiro is head of Real Estate Japan Inc.'s investment support services for foreigners.

LINC Inc., Chief Executive Officer Shinichi Kawamura

After years of managerial experience at one of the world's leading homebuilders in Japan, he received an MBA while working overseas. He specializes in providing consultation services in the real estate industry by partnering with professionals such lawyers, accountants, architects, and designers, etc. to find optimal solutions for clients.

LINC Inc., Licensed Agent Ayumi Nakajima

After graduating from university in Canada, Ms. Nakajima's diverse work experience at one of the pioneer share house companies in Tokyo was her first opportunity to work in the real estate industry. She provided various kinds of support for short- and long-term-stay tenants from all over the world. After that, as a Licensed Japanese Real Estate Broker, she engaged in a wide range of tasks mainly dealing with services for high-end apartments in central Tokyo. Her wide-ranging work experience with owners and tenants from overseas motivated her to join LINC Inc. in 2019.


4F Higashi-Azabu IS Bldg. 1-8-1 Higashi-Azabu Minato-ku, Tokyo
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