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Premium Value Bank is a real estate investment company that takes pride in our client hospitality. We use our proposal-making skills to negotiate suitable arrangements between property owners and tenants for maximum benefit for our clients.

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Japanese real estate is renowned for having some of the highest cap rates in the world. With the Olympics confirmed for Tokyo in 2020, the time is better than ever to purchase properties in Tokyo to add to your portfolio. The reason being that even before the Olympics announcement, Tokyo real estate was seen as undervalued when compared to other Asian cities. As soon as business media realized this and started publishing the fact, interest in Tokyo real estate from foreign investors took off.

Despite the last 20 years being a long struggle to end economic stagnation, Shinzo Abe took office in December 2012 with the promise that Abenomics would be a bold enough plan to shake Japan out of the economic stalemate it has experienced since the bubble burst in the late 90’s.

Optimism in Japan is the highest it has been since the bubble days, but not without considering the hard lessons learned from the past. Domestic real estate transactions are heating up in a level headed way never before seen in Japan.

With the Olympic Games coming to Tokyo in 2020 there will be more international attention as well. Traditionally, during the run up to an Olympic event, prices in the local real estate market rise partly fueled by international buyers. For you, the owner, you have a unique choice; you can hold onto your property after the Games and continue earning yen based passive income or you can choose to sell your property right before the Olympics and possibly earn a healthy capital gain.


Below are some sample case studies to illustrate just how much there is for owners to make.

Case Studies


Land area
Gross floor area
Reinforced Concrete
Annual income
Annual expenses
Annual loan repayment
Net annual income


Land area
Gross floor area
Reinforced Concrete
Annual income
Annual expenses
Annual loan repayment
Net annual income


Land area
Gross floor area
Steel Reinforced Concrete
Annual income
Annual expenses
Annual loan repayment
Net annual income

Expand Your Investments and Take Advantage of Opportunities Nationwide

While Tokyo is the center of attention at the moment, the rest of Japan shouldn’t be ignored as high yields are common throughout the country. Well known places like Fukuoka and Osaka can produce even higher yields than Tokyo as property prices in these cities tend to be lower. Also, as other big regional cities such as Sapporo in the north and Nagoya in central Japan continue to grow, they can provide a great alternative for investment.

How Premium Value Bank Can Help

Premium Value Bank is uniquely situated to assist no matter what your needs. With branches in both Tokyo and Osaka covering the market for east and west Japan, we have the experience and market know-how to help you get started in the Japanese real estate market.

As we have long standing relationships with lenders nationwide, we can help arrange financing for both new and experienced investors alike. In addition, we can offer in-house property management in the greater Tokyo Metropolis, as well as reliable outsourced property management for elsewhere in the country.

Whether you are looking to invest for cash flow or for a capital gain, Premium Value Bank can help. With high yield investment properties on the books nationwide, we are your first point of contact when looking for more information on Japanese residential real estate investments.

In addition to our Japan offices, we also have offices in Taipei and London.


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David Trunzo Investment Manager

I am an American citizen who has lived in Japan for over a decade. While I had known for some time that investing in Japanese real estate offered excellent yield and cash flow opportunities, I simply was too busy to do all the leg work myself.

After discovering Premium Value Bank, I met with one of their representatives for a personal consultation session. Over the next several months, they introduced me to a number of properties that fit my investment criteria. I ended up buying a 25-year old apartment building in Osaka that PVB helped arrange financing for with a local bank. I was ultimately able to receive roughly 105% LTV so I could purchase with virtually no money down.

Japanese real estate laws and practices are very complex, and even to me as a near native-level Japanese speaker, it would have been impossible to handle everything on my own. Thanks to Premium Value Bank I can be confident in the security of my investments.

Hideho Isoji Dentist

I contacted PVB when I saw their advertisement in the Nikkei newspaper. After several personal consultation sessions about my investment goals, they helped me purchase two properties.

With their comprehensive support, the purchasing process went smoothly, all the while I was able to focus on my full-time job as a dentist. Contacting Premium Value Bank has turned into one of the best decisions I’ve made!


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