Tokyu Housing Lease Corporation

As one of the largest property and lease management professionals in Japan with 75,000 under management, as well as 95,000 units of corporate housing, we at Tokyu Housing Lease aim to continue to provide multi-lingual services that meet the various changing needs of our clients and ultimately, to exceed their expectations.

Tokyu Housing Lease Corporation
16F Shinjuku Monolith, 2-3-1 Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 〒163-0916

Tel: 03-6901-6240

Tokyu Housing Lease was established on April 1, 2015, to integrate the various leasing and housing companies within the Tokyu Fudousan (Real Estate) Holdings group to provide more innovative services to our clients by concentrating our wide range of know-how into one entity.

Opportunity Amidst Change

Japan’s real estate market is rapidly changing due to the country’s decreasing population, an ageing society, and changes in family structure to more single-person households. The Japanese market also faces a growing number of vacant houses and market globalization. Going forward, the effective utilisation of housing stock will be a major challenge for Japanese society.

As property and lease management professionals, we at Tokyu Housing Lease believe that there is opportunity amongst these changing conditions, and in partnership with the Tokyu Fudousan (Real Estate) Holdings group we strive to be a one-stop-shop ready to help our clients from all over the world with any challenges related to Japanese real estate.

Our Services

We have a team of experts in our Global Network Group that cater to all the inbound needs of overseas investors in both English and Chinese.

Tokyu Housing Lease offers a a one-stop shop that can handle the various issues that arise in purchasing and managing real estate in Japan.

These may include:

  • Uncertainty in lease management in a Japanese environment
  • Inconveniences in paying management and utility fees
  • Remittance of rent overseas
  • Proxy receipt of property and presence during inspections
  • Payment of taxes from overseas
  • Communication with the Japanese building management association

Multi-Language Service for Overseas Investors

From single units to whole buildings, our lease management business encompasses services that include finding tenants for the new property, collecting rent, and making settlement reports.

We also partner with experts like tax accountants to provide tax advice, tax agency services, and other consulting services.


Management of Second Homes

We also provide a wide range of assistance to overseas owners after they have purchased real estate in Japan, from the proxy payment of taxes and public utility charges as an agent to presence service for statutory inspections.


About the Tokyu Group

The Tokyu Group is a Japanese enterprise group consisting of 221 companies and eight other incorporated bodies. The history of the Tokyu Corporation, the company at the heart of the Tokyu Group, dates back to the founding of the Meguro-Kamata Railway Company in 1922.

Today, building the core transport business, they are involved in a variety of business activities within Japan that support people’s day-to-day lives, encompassing such sectors as construction, real estate, lifestyle services, and hotels and resorts. In recent years, they have also embarked upon a range of pioneering projects in other countries, leveraging the experience and technologies amassed through domestic business activities.


About the Tokyu Fudousan Holdings Corporation

Tokyu Housing Lease is one of the 5 major companies that are part of the Tokyu Fudousan Holdings Corporation. Their main background includes real estate, housing, as well as the famous retail business Tokyu Hands.




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