Mobal Services for Expats Buying Homes in Japan

Making Your Move to Japan Feel Like Home

5 Great Services for Expats Buying Homes in Japan

Becoming a homeowner in Japan is exciting but brings unfamiliar challenges for newer expats. Accessing the right services for expats is crucial for a smooth transition.

Settling as a new homeowner in Japan has its hurdles, but it can be fulfilling with the right services. Mobal offers communication services to keep you connected, and MobalPay provides financial ease and security.

Here’s a quick overview of the kinds of services for expats buying homes in Japan and Mobal helps.

1. Reliable Mobile and Communication 

mobal Services for Expats Buying Homes in Japan
Mobal is a simple and reliable communication service in Japan.

Reliable mobile service is crucial in a country where technology and connectivity are paramount. Mobal stands out by offering a range of mobile solutions tailored to the needs of new residents. Whether in Japan for a short period or planning to stay long-term, Mobal provides clear, affordable, and flexible mobile plans that ensure you’re always in touch. Learn more about their ongoing Voice SIM plans for residents here.

Why Choose Mobal?

Here is why Mobal is your best choice for communication services in Japan.

  • Instant Connectivity: Get a real Japanese phone number with Mobal as soon as you arrive in Japan, allowing communication with real estate agents, landlords and new contacts immediately.
  • English Support: Mobal offers comprehensive English support through teams in Japan and the UK, simplifying the process of navigating cell and data services in a new country.
  • Flexibility: Choose from Mobal’s range of data plans catering to every user’s needs, whether you require minimal or extensive monthly data usage.

2. Comprehensive Insurance Services

Japan skyline in tokyoImage credit: iStock/ f11photo
Japan is renowned for its breathtaking scenery. However, there is also the occasional natural scare, such as earthquakes and typhoons. Securing comprehensive insurance for your property is crucial.

When scouting for the finest insurance in Japan, prioritize policies encompassing potential concerns like natural disasters, property damage and liability. Additionally, opt for insurers well-versed in the Japanese market, as they can provide valuable insights into the risks and optimal methods to safeguard your investment.

3. Easy Utility and Maintenance Payments

Mobal Pay Services for Expats Buying Homes in Japan
An alternative payment card in Japan.

Adapting to a new country’s financial system can be overwhelming. Moreover, obtaining a payment card for in-store and online purchases and bill payments isn’t always possible. MobalPay revolutionizes expat finances in Japan. It’s a prepaid Japanese Mastercard, offering a familiar approach to handling payments. Learn more about MobalPay here.

Advantages of Using MobalPay

Here are some key advantages of using MobalPay:

  • Smooth Transactions: Pay for utilities and monthly rent hassle-free with the MobalPay Mastercard. Accepted wherever Mastercards are, making utility payments straightforward.
  • Cashless Convenience: MobalPay transforms the cash-centric culture of Japan. Easily convert cash into a usable account balance and top-up at convenience stores.
  • Secure and Dependable: MobalPay prioritizes top-notch security, ensuring your financial transactions are always safe and providing peace of mind.

4. Professional Property Management Services

property management in japanImage credit: iStock/ sommart
They’ll keep an eye out for you.
Keeping up with home maintenance in Japan, particularly if you’re frequently away or unfamiliar with local practices, can be tough. Professional property management services are invaluable. Property managers oversee routine checks and handle emergencies, offering expertise in everything from selecting repair materials to navigating local regulations.

5. Cultural Integration Assistance

mobal explore japan servicesImage credit: iStock/ recep-bg
Getting involved in your new community is a great way to integrate. Services that assist you in language learning, understanding local customs and participating in community events can greatly enhance your experience in Japan. Moreover, learning basic Japanese can significantly improve your daily life, from shopping to interacting with neighbors. Likewise, join local workshops to learn more about Japanese traditions, festivals and etiquette.

Even here, Mobal is here to help. Mobal users can access exclusive discounts on cultural services from language courses to Japanese cooking workshops. 

What tips do you have for transitioning to homeownership in Japan?

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